Automatic moving of completed trades to a separate section of the forum so they don't show as new/unread

As the title says. One of the threads showing for me as being new and unread is a Trade request which has already been completed. Would be nice if those were auto moved to a section that won’t show them…

Like a hidden from view Trades-Completed category


If the OP will add [COMPLETED] once the trade is done, we can unlist them.
Edit to add - I think I just saw the one(s) you were talking about. I unlisted them.


It would be nice it if was auto, I usually just manually mute them once complete to clean up my threads.


I’ve suggested this before too.

Just make a “completed trades” category that is auto hidden like “off topic”

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That could work well too… since then anyone that can edit the title / category would be able to change the category to completed trade. Take some of the workload off the moderators.

This is probably a good idea. That way people could still search past trades to look up a seller.
James or Leah would need to create the sub-category though (if they wanted to).

James, if you add a category or two…pls add an Events category :grin::blush:


I can create a Completed category and exclude it from Latest.

Not sure what you’re asking for Events and where it would go.


I think there was a thread about adding an Events category. People wanted it to post hunts, competitions, etc.

It should probably go under Creations > Events


This one maybe



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Hmmm the problem with a sub category is that posts from the sub category will show up when browsing the parent category. Which isn’t really want we want.

I have added the sub category.

We can start moving completed tradings into it.

Additionally we could use the “Archived” action. “Closing” a thread just means don’t allow replies and nothing else. Where as “Archived” means don’t let anything change in the thread: likes, edits, voting, etc.


Yes Archived would be nice

So archive them then move them to the trading->closed category?

I’d say just move them so the OP can reuse threads if they want

I don’t think that’s a good idea - for the trading category specifically. People would have to edit the title and remove [COMPLETED] and it would prob be confusing for some. If the OP could still edit the thread or add to it, another user would be able to bump it and everyone that sees it would be like :face_with_raised_eyebrow::angry: