Automatic Unplotted Treetop Removal

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Check this out… This little sucker is gonna cost me a whole plot! One little block of foliage. sadface

Is there any chance of an update sometime in the future that would automatically remove unplotted tree tops IF the remainder of said tree below was plotted and removed by the player?

It feels like such a shameful waste of plots just to remove a few pieces of foliage and I think an update such as this would make a lot of people very, very happy. Am I right? huh? I’m right, aren’t I? Yea… I’m right lol. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I just thought I’d throw the suggestion out there. And, have I told you Devs how much I love you and and everything you make for us lately? No? Well, I do… So there!

Okay, I’ll stop sucking up now. Love y’all! Bye. Hehehe. :sweat_smile: :wink:


I got you covered. Build a tree there.


Remove a tree to build a tree… Hmmm lemme think about that for a moment lol. And besides, a Tree in the middle of the road could become a bit of a collision hazard. Too many drunk driving Oortians around these parts. :laughing:

I say keep it. it’ll make grappling down your street much easier.

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By the time I’d aim properly to grapple onto it, I’d already have passed it.

Yea, I’m a really bad grappler-er-er. :sweat_smile:

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I tend to grapple first if I can reach it. Give that whirl.

I would like a tree to just drop by chopping the base.

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Now imagine that with several hundreds of plots. That was the case when i was forced to expand into a forest area :confused:

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We should at least get a certain number of free plots for us to use in acknowledgement of the magical forces at work that regrows nubs of trees when their trunk is chopped down :wink: every level you gain equals one magic plot in your plot total :wink:


I did that on Gellis and I’d never build near a forest area again. I must’ve had more plots covering treetops than I had for the actual build lol.

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I’m thinking about how that would work. What rules would decide if the tree is removed or not? There are cases where we want the tree tops to stay, like if you are leaving it and building around, or if you just raised the ground and want to leave the natural treetop.

I wonder if a “kill adjacent treetops” beacon setting is the way to go?

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If you plot the tree before you chop it the tree would stay?

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A beacon option is what I was thinking of because of course, there will be times when a treetop might fit into a build’s theme/style and the creator would want to keep it/them.

This is where the problem is though. In the pics above, I have plotted where the rest of the tree was. I would want the opposite of your suggestion in this case and want the treetop removed after the tree was plotted. :wink:

I think a toggle-able option on the beacon would definitely be the way to go here. :slight_smile:

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stick a deco gleam (lattice etc maybe) underneath and call it a feature


Well well well, I am on Gellis indeed :joy:

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I don’t know how this would work, but I’d like it too.
Some kind of earned air-topper plots or something. I’ve got a few slivers of sand that I don’t want to waste a whole plot on just to keep it clear.

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Air-topper plots, Nice idea! If not earned, maybe an optional type of plot we could buy with unused skill points maybe? Maybe EC?

I much prefer the ‘earned’ idea but I’d be willing to meet half way by accepting an alternative. Just as long as it wasn’t cubits. :slight_smile:

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If there were lots of them, I’d definitely give something like that a go. :wink: