B.U.T.T. - still updated for sovereigns?

Hello :slight_smile: One of my forgers of the SUNSET FORGE MARKET brought to attention that his forged spanners are not showing on the Boundless Universal Trade Tracker, so do not others that have their shop on THE FUTURE planet. Do sovereign planets still get shop scans? Thanks for any information or support with this :slight_smile:

They should still get scanned but the interval is quite a bit longer for sovs.

Edit: as long as the beacons are set to show the shop stands.


@Mayumichi may be able to check and make sure the system is scanning everything correctly though, just in case.


Boundlexx may update faster for sovereigns. It updates dynamically based on how active the item your shop stand is selling on the world you are on. https://www.boundlexx.app/worlds/3968/


Just did a quick check and went to one of the beacons there, Oortian Slingbows.

And then looked them up on BUTT


Data is there from THE FUTURE and it appears is was scanned 2 hours and 12 mins ago

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Also did a quick search for Amethyst Spanner and the top selling entry is from THE FUTURE

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Alright perfect! Thanks you all a lot for the help and information :heart:

So everythingโ€™s ok? I did the kick again just to be sure :slight_smile: