Backer Rewards Questions

  1. Are the exclusive weapon, skin, and tool just cosmetic, or also functional?

  2. The World Builder allows you to create biomes for the game, there’s like 4,000+ people who got that, realistically, how is that going to be implemented? There’s a point at which all the “good” and “traditional” looking biomes are going to be built, so am I going to be forced to wade through 4,000+ different monstrosities that other people have made? Are there going to be thousands of portals to places where these all are? I’m not understanding this upgrade.

  3. The Digital Deluxe Edition at launch won’t include the World Builder, correct? Is it ever going to be purchasable in any other way?

  4. Are there any videos out there showing the World Builder in action?

Thank you for anyone who knows the answer to these questions. I’m trying to figure out if I want to purchase any of the backer tiers.

You can get access to it with the $55 founders pack.

I don’t know where you’re getting information for #2. Just because people have access to world builder doesn’t mean they are making biomes or planets to go in the game. Was there information given out saying that people with world builder were churning out biomes?


Says so, “You’ll be able to create biomes other people see”

If you buy a “high” enough tier, you can build a world in the world builder. Referencing the Master founders pack

Then what does “Create Biomes for the Game” mean?

Oh I see it now, my bad. Then i don’t know how they are going to structure that or implement it.

I am pretty sure you submit it for review then they put it into the world generator they have and when new worlds are made there is a chance it is used.

Don’t quote me though as I am not sure if that is correct.


Is there anyone who knows what the exclusive weapons and tools are? Are they cosmetic only?

Long ago I did a search for World Builder and a few old videos came up. I doubt many people that have it have used it much. I played around a little with it, but, what I was looking at it for (use in novels) I have other programs better explained that I find more useful. There was some talk about someone perhaps updating the videos to make it easier to understand. I do know one person who made a few planets that have been used in the past by Boundless. He hasn’t been playing though the last several months.

Exclusive tool is the founder’s totem. It is a titanium (so not max tier) hammer/axe/shovel in one. It is craftable only by founders - but tradeable and useable by anyone.

The exclusive weapon is the Iron Fist and it hasn’t been released yet. Same rules will apply to it.


Is it possible to craft a hammer/axe/shovel all in one if you aren’t a founder?

Is it, or the weapon, offer anything that ISNT cosmetic?

No, the combination weapon is craftable only by founders and one-of-a-kind. That said, it is not the best in anything and won’t see an awful lot of use in end-game (though there are some niche farming scenarios where it might be useful - I have yet to find one that justifies it though).

The weapon’s details aren’t available yet - but it should be similarly positioned as the devs have already stated that these will be nice-to-have but not disruptive to end-game crafting.

I’ve seen James using one but haven’t bothered to craft one myself though. I’m one-shotting everything with a AoE diamond axe (which everyone can craft) right now so not much point.

Can only speak of the totem.

It looks cool. :grin:

It offers a lot of damage and breaks all blocks same way so its handy. But you need workbench to craft it and it breaks like any other tool, but making it doesnt really give you superpowers - it would be advantageous a lot if you could handcraft it from the start as you would fly through initial tutorial parts before crafting metal tools.
So no, doesnt seem OP or giving too much advantage in any way.

can you fordge powers on it?

I expect a lot of Steam people raging about not being able to craft this. Any item in a game that is functionally unique, even if “balanced” and not-OP, is like a PR nightmare waiting to happen in Steam games. Trust me on this, the tool should have an equivalent in-game that is identical in every way but just looks cosmetically different.

I’ve seen Steam forums turn away countless people because of practices like this. Page after page of people demanding it be made available to average users.

In many games, they allow you to pay a small DLC fee to get access to the Pre-Order edition bonuses. I think that’s a decent alternative.

The people that can craft the tool already did buy it ahead like a pre-order bonus. So your point is moot.

they can also sell or give the tool to anyone so it is not limited to them like so many other pre-order bonuses.

No, I mean, when the game launches in September, can I spend money on Steam DLC to get the ability to craft the item? Or is this item forever locked away and unable to be crafted?

If I can’t buy the item, and this game gets popular enough, people are going to start seeing they can’t craft some of the items other people can, and there is probably going to be a lot of angry threads about it. It happens all the time in other games.

There’s a reason why most Pre-order DLC is cosmetic now. There’s always backlash to exclusive, functional content, as opposed to purely cosmetic content.

Well, that is the whole point of founder’s bonuses. They are given to early-access members.

Albion, Eve, Trove, WoW, PoE are all examples of very successful games that do this. The whole point is that they are rewards for the people who have committed thousands of hours to testing the game to get it to where it is.

You seem awfully worried with what everyone else will think about the game - why not just focus on enjoying it yourself?

EDIT: There are developers, publishers and PR people that will worry about that. Keep in mind that your perspective will not automatically be that of everyone else.


No but they are going to do a steam pre-order that will let you craft a tool that is different from the one that can be crafted by the people that have already bought.

As far as the rest of your comments. That is your opinion. I have played other games where the pre-order got more than a “cosmetic” item/function/whatever. I do not remember the games going down in flames due to this.

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The tool itself is mediocre at best and probably the only benefit is that you save 1 or 2 slots while exploring (given that you don’t have higher tier weapon available cause they are totally useless once you have comfortable availability of higher tier tools).

I personally think it’s not beneficial enough to entice an individual to be a founder just for it. It’s merely a bragging rights with a bit of benefits.

Also, there could really be some negative feedback eventually on this by someone as you can’t really please everyone but that’s just it. This won’t really have that much impact on the game however they complain and the reasonable people enjoying the game would just not mind them.

It really seems like you just worry a lot :stuck_out_tongue: