Backer Rewards Questions

And I can make one and sell give it to anyone so even then having one does not mean I was a founder. . it just means I have one.


Ever heard of Armello? The game nearly tanked because of it.

Furthermore, you’re missing the point. This game needs all the players it can get, and that means the best possible launch possible, with the best, most positive threads in the Steam Forum to entice people to spend the $40, if people find out they can’t craft certain items in the game that are FUNCTIONALLY DIFFERENT, there’s a good chance people aren’t going to be happy.

Every player counts. if you want this game to succeed, why not just support what Borderlands 2 did, and Bioshock Infinite, and allow all pre-order functional items be purchasable as a stand-alone DLC, and let the “Early Access” Boundless players get exclusive cosmetics that are truly exclusive?

All done

your right the game is doomed

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I never said that. I’m saying people are typically pretty accepting of cosmetic exclusive DLC, but not functional DLC, aka an item that does something unique.

I literally don’t understand why anything I’m saying is a problem here.

I’m not trolling. If you want to see trolling, go to the Steam Forums.

Trying to please everyone is a sure-fire way to keep no-one happy. The game by no means “needs all the players it can get” - it would be great if many people like it for what it is (and I expect a million sales) - but there is no need to be desperate about it. Quality over quantity.


these special items are craftable for a limited group, but can be sold and shared, so anyone will be able to eventually get it and use it;
they are not “craft just one” magic artifacts - that would make the ones that can craft it keep it for themselves of course; other than that they have durability and break eventually, so… no big deal, I don’t think so

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dont forget also this game has been in dev mode for ~ 4 years now i can understand why certain people would be frustrated (i used to be one of them before i got used to EA/InDev games)

Yeh 4 years is a long time… some people have left because of it… but then again, after following the game as long as i have (even with my trolls and hates etc) i am saying that although its been a long time comming you can see the care and love that has gone into it!

As one of the devs said we could have made a simple 2D game, without special enviornments/colors/new engines and etc - but we are trying to do something different and pour our love into it ofc its not a direct quote but the explanation skill stands as a case in point

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I think you underestimate the power of the Boundless community… really.

I’ll tell you what… anyone that comes after release and they want a founders totem… I’ll make them one, as long as they bring me the mats and a dozen coal for my time and the wear and tear on my machines. I don’t see this as being an issue, honestly.

It would be different if these items were account bound and could not be traded, but as they can, I think you’ll find that many players here are more than happy to share the love.


I might sell some below cost in my shop just for that reason. The all in one tool vs individual tools is going to be individual tool hands down all the time.

As far as the weapon, Slingbows are probably still going to be the go-to weapon no matter what. When Lances are released, those would get picked up more. Same for bombs. Just cause it’s exclusive doesn’t mean it’s better.


japp, I would love to give them to people. Even thinking about setting up 3 plinths in my home for selling the exclusive tool, wpn and wearable just for the price of the mats … Feel the love! :heart::green_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::smiley: