Backer Tier Character Reward


I’ve read all the posts you guys have made about the new “Play as an exclusive race” reward for the higher level backers, and it’s a real shame we upset some people.

The reason we were looking at adjusting the tiers was that firstly we wanted to add a new one to bridge the gap between Pioneer and Master, and secondly we wanted to see if we could add a little extra to the higher tiers to make them more appealing. We really value you guys, and appreciate all your contributions to the game whether financial, with time and energy, or both. For those who do pay more we want to make sure you’re fairly rewarded, and as more people come to the game we want to encourage people to buy the bigger tiers because the more money we raise, the better the game will be for everyone.

The idea for the “exclusive race”, was really a cosmetic thing, with a little extra something, I certainly didn’t see it as a game changer, although as some of you pointed out the language isn’t too clear on that. I personally don’t have an issue with little gameplay extras being paid for as long as it doesn’t make the game unfair, or unbalanced, but clearly some of you do, and I understand yours concerns.

What I’m going to do is move the reward to be closer to the initial intention which is as a nice thing for those who’ve paid for a big tier, and not something to annoy those that haven’t. So it will be purely visual (no gameplay benefit), and will not be referred to as a “race” as that creates images of something more awesome than it was meant to be.

That change is on the site now.




It’s sad that people made such a mess out of it, but I guess I’m biased as I still don’t understand their arguments except from a “I want this but I can’t afford it” standpoint. While I’ll miss the opportunity to play as an exclusive race, I’m glad you guys listened to the people who were so upset and I’m looking forward to learning more about the customization options!

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good call mate. Just makes sure it’s a sweet skin/model. Cough oortian cough


‘‘I dont think its fair that an exclusive gameplay changing element can only bought for 450 euro and above’’ people dont care about the skin or people getting a bit more customization, but things affecting gameplay in a way that CANNOT be countered is no go.

however yeah i guess you are biased, especially if you plan to buy it anyways, its like saying ‘‘i think its fine we have gameplay changing features for buying the wayfarer’’ when that is the level i am myself, which i dont think it is, i wouldnt mind cosmetics ofc, but if we said that ‘‘the race is for everyone that is wayfarer and above, and it have a special gameplay trait no other race has’’ i would be upset too


Tradeoffs, mate. I’ve already explained it in the other thread. If I’m Race A and I can swim fast I lose the racials that Races B, C, D, E, F, and G all have :wink: . Many games include racials, from Wow, to ArchAge, to Lotro, to Teso, etc. :blush: In order to gain the gameplay benefit that was discussed previously, you’d have to lose other gameplay benefits that you could have had hehehe. Just by creating a character (any character), you already lose access to “gameplay benefits” that the other races have. It’s an opportunity cost of playing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But alas, your side has won the day and this is no longer the direction we’re moving in. :kissing_heart: I think some devs need some thanking!


I kinda think you are once again assuming the worst and blowing things way out of proportion without knowing any further details about what the actual differences would have been. I think you’re making a mountain out of an any hill here. It’s kinda your standard counter argument to anything you disagree with. Nobody ever said it would be some unstoppable force. Infact, Ben stressed again and again that it would be very minor indeed. I don’t know where you keep coming up with this idea that any difference = uncounterable, especially when you don’t even know what that difference would have been. A non-combat, non-crafting, non-gathering trait like “1 extra slot of inventory” or “+10 weather resistance” would not make anybody feel forced to buy a higher tier to be competitive, which I think is what you’re basing your counter point around. Honestly, I think gameplay will be more affected by the beacon sizes than by unique minor traits.


Oh I liked the idea about the skin/race/whatever would play a bit different.


Or you are biased due to getting it anyways, as much as i am biased because i wouldnt get it.

yeah it depends on how they made races, however over time they have stated that they want racials to matter i think they mentioned races that can build two blocks for one, races that can climb blocks, not sure if waterbreathing was mentioned… but that is the point, its either one or the other, i would love to see them make the different races play differently, because i dont think from the information we have gotten, that the races are purely aesthetic. while i make a mountain of an anthill you make a mouse of an elephant.

its simple really. ‘‘if in doubt, assume the worst’’ but as Clex mentioned, it doesnt matter anymore, i am more than happy that they can get an exclusive race which is only a skin and wont play differently from another race. its a solution that solves both.

if it did had a gameplay benefit though i would go back to the original point of wanting for it to be unlockable somehow, imagine if the ‘‘god’’ of the race would spawn once every month, for a period of a week, in a random place, on any world. and people would have to look for it, and only the first person who interacted with it would get the race, it would be near impossible to get, but with dedication and a good network of friends i think it would make for some pretty awesome events.

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Also, getting back to the topic, I think this is ignoring the point of an “exclusive” race entirely. It’s not exclusive if anyone can get it.

and thats the point, nothing that affects gameplay should be exclusive, its usually something done by shady companies to make money, so that was a way for it to be really really hard to get, like 12 people would get it in a year, and as such it would still be really really rare. but it was still obtainable, dedication to the game should matter more than how much you shell out.


now i wrote it in bold and caps so people dont skip over it.

I think it’s a good decision (to not do the unique gameplay benefit).

Having unique skin(s) and/or model(s) will stand out quite a bit on their own.

Are you guys thinking about new visual options for existing races - or a new visual race that gets an existing race’s abilities? (Or maybe gets to choose a racial?)


I’m not ignoring, I just don’t agree.

It’s being marketed as exclusive. Read Ollie’s post. I’m just saying that with the decision to reduce the gameplay benefit of the new race shouldn’t come the decision to open up additional ways to unlock it. Otherwise it’s purpose in the new backing tier would be questionable at best. Even removing the new racial is questionable by some of us, but alas. Hopefully the artwork is awesome :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


apologies, i might have missphrased, i meant ‘‘in case of a it being a skin it is totally fine, however if they decide that they want to keep the gameplay benefit, then i think there should be some really hard way to unlock it ingame’’ as long as it is a skin and purely cosmetic i dont care. some will, but it will be a lot less than if it had actual gameplay benefits

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Hmm, here’s an idea: what about a gameplay element (ability, crafting recipe, block type, ???) that can be granted to others - and re-granted by recipients (maybe up to some limit).

That way, backers at that tier become the epicenter of the gameplay element, while the rest of the player base is not cut off from it. Just makes it more difficult to obtain (gotta socialize) - and gives these backers and their friends a bit of renown


Personally still think that is too limiting, dont get me wrong, i am all for dlc’s and expansions, but something gameplay changing that costs 450 dollars is just…

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Some people drive Ferraris, and some people drive Fords. (I drive a Ford.) Because you happen to drive a Ford as well, does that mean other people shouldn’t be allowed to drive Ferraris?