[Balonychus] --[Savage Rift Exoworld]--

Thats what rift wildstock look like
they have rift shoes and a rift hat

no rift clothes though. nobody in boundless is allowed to have clothes!

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Blink - Alt 0 - 20
Rift - Alt 20 - 60
Umbris Alt 120 - 160

Are the T7 Gem altitudes I have saved.


Yeah I’m going to put these on a sign at exo shuttle tana when I get home. I get asked a lot. Also I myself forget all the time and ask people haha.


I didn’t know about those and tried mining at different altitudes until my SO looked it up on the forums. I would have wasted so much time if not for finding this info on here.

Thank you so much!

It is a good idea, I get asked a lot on this too - sort of wonder if it might be good if the devs just added the possible elevation range to all the gems in the knowledge tab, would be a good QoL thing I think. Even now I see some variation in what people report for the ranges.

Rift exo hit pretty hard, though I’ve done my share, haha! I think it is actually harder today finding spots here than on the Umbris one - Umbris has a wider range, which helps. Still plenty on both of course but you have to search a bit more, as some of the spots have been very thoroughly mined. Ton of sapphire here of course if you want to go for that!

Just another screenshot… :slight_smile:

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Whoever owns BoundlessCrafting should add depth found in the Attained by area.

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