Will there be a use for the assorted colours of cloth i can make? I made about 1000 purple cloth, not an amazingly easy task, ive had a hard time finding those purple fibrous plants.

but will i be able to use those and amek purple banners? or am i stuck making the selling plinths witht he red pieces

I think cloth with also be used eventually to make wearables

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Are you sure about this? I believe I asked in a post some time ago about wearables and was told by a dev that the only things they’re planning on putting in are jewelry. If they’ve changed their mind, I’ve misunderstood, or just have a bad memory, that’d be awesome!

How long ago was that? I’ve not seen that post… :neutral_face:

Nevermind, found another that directly contradicted what I believed to be true.

Phew! I thought I’d missed an important post or was going crazy for a moment there!