Basic character Movement: A bit of a ramble [Edited]

So I was playing about with the newest features of the game when something came to light that had been playing at the back of my mind but I hadn’t managed to get my head around until about 10 minutes ago. Since first playing Oort I hadn’t been able to fault it, it seemed next to flawless in terms of visuals and gameplay and was promising for more of this in store. But over time I started to notice something about character movement was bothering me a little, I felt restricted to some degree despite being able to fly through the air at 360 degrees. it felt like all of my movements on the ground were incredibly calm and soft.

A short while ago these thoughts started to clarify in my mind and I ran a small test to compare it to the only game that can be used as a direct comparison by moody twelve-year-olds trying to hackle and contenders to their favorite game. I tried walking 9 blocks in Oort and then did the same in Minecraft.

My walking time in Oort clocked in at 2.92 seconds.
My time in Minecraft was exactly 1 second less at 1.92, I tried a second time to be sure and did it in 2.02 seconds.
So the walking speed in Oort is significantly lower.

This may have been the intention and I can understand why with the beautiful graphics and landscape, but I can’t help but feel as though this is stunting my ability to move around in a noticeable way that plays on my mind a whole lot and strikes me as the only strong flaw in an otherwise fantastic game. The main reason this concerns me so much is that I think that slow and soft movement like this would become more of a bother in a combat scenario. Something about being caught in a fight against either man or monster and nonchalantly wandering about with my weapon in tow would conflict with how agile I should be feeling as I try to land my strikes whilst avoiding my foe’s.

I suppose I’m just asking if anyone else feels the same way or not and whether or not this had been taken into account and was either the plan/intention or whether there were intentions to change this in some way.

I suppose it’s high time I came up with a criticism otherwise I might just be going soft. But there you have it!

[EDIT] I realise I was a little vague in the end with what my problem was. Movement feels a tad bit slow and this with the camera movements add up to make the whole process of walking in Oort feel a little slow and stunted. I’d just like to see it become a little faster and more fluid.

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Did you tried dobble press “w” for faster movement ?
You can also use your grappling hook “on ground” to be REALY fast (you may take damage if you are improvident)

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Grappling hook is set to fun mode by the moment and is going to be nerfed significantly.

Anyway to @ShotZISummonZ’s post I actually quite like the movement speed you have in Oort and feel that it adds both to the emmersion and probably to combat later. (Christ I am tired of people basing their combat ability on running and jumping so much that they are impossible to hit)

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I feel a bit the same as Shot. Of cause we have running through double-w, but the base walking is a bit to low. it dont habve to be like running, but a bit faster wouldn’t hurt even in combat. Also for combat I would prefer if running only works to the front (for fleeing or charging) and not to the sides. Also it has to cost stamina/energy later to be sure that it is only used for tactical movement and not all the time. On this way we could move faster, but combat would stay unharmed by runners/strafers.

eh, i like the movement speed, i dont think you should rush through everything. also you can run if you want to do that, most likely not going to be tied to stamina, but if it is then that would just encourage mounts. so again. eh

Running and grappling hooks aren’t solutions to my issue, it’s that the move speed feels to stunted to me. It doesn’t feel as agile or fluid as it does in games like Minecraft. You’d probably see what I mean if you tried one and then the other. The issue isn’t solely the speed but also the fluidity of it. Maybe having a slightly faster, more fluid walking animation, with a togglable slow walk like the current one for those that prefer it? The best of both worlds then. I dunno, I find more fluid gameplay to be much more alluring especially in combat. Then slowly walking around or darting forward at high speed.

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The average walking speed for a human is 5 km/h, calculating this speed using 2.92 to move 9 blocks (meters) i get that the average movement speed in this game is just over 11 km/h, so the speed is not ‘‘too slow’’
but i think the problem is that they are trying to be more immersive while MC just doesnt give a damn, and if you keep comparing you might get disappointed.

example it felt insanely akward for me to play smite at first because you move slower backwards and sideways that you do forward, also attacking slows down your movement speed, which makes sense.

you keep talking about how it has to be ‘‘fluid’’ like MC, but all i hear you say is that it has to be faster. those 2 things are not really the same you know :confused:

but if they had to change the speed then i think they should increase it moving forward and then slow it down moving sideways and backwards, because it makes sense that you dont run as fast to the side and back as forward, i really dont think moving all ways should be equally fast.

I don’t intend to rough it down to a stereotype: I often think of comparing Playmobile to Lego. Both completely being different although toys. The basic computergame stereotype (for me) is the one of Fifa Soccer compared to Pro Evolution Soccer. Both very good games, although one can’t compare Chicken Nuggets to Whipcream. Although both edibles.
Personally I absolutely loved the gameplay of Oort, since it appeals a bit more solid to me. Simply has some professional extensions too. @ShotZISummonZ

‘‘professional extensions’’?

what do you mean by that?

In particular the ability to switch between medium fast and slow movement, in order to not fall of cliffs : )

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oh yeah the shift walk is really neat.

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I seriously think you’re misreading what I’m saying. Firstly I’ve tried to make it clear that I understand why it might have been done, given the aesthetic nature of the game. So I don’t need you to repeat that to me. I’ve also tried to make it clear that the speed of the character was just one aspect of the issue that I was able to actually measure with ease, I’d say that this alongside the movements of the camera (again stated previously) in terms of it moving up and down, whilst added for immersion and a more natural feel, I find to create a more stunted and less (yes I’m saying it) fluid motion to the character. I feel as thought I’m clumsily bumbling around the world, and whilst this is nice for sightseeing I feel that this would be nothing but a pain in my side when trying to do almost anything else.

And my comparisons to Minecraft are not based around a personal love for the game as you appear to be implying when saying that I ‘might get disappointed’, but because it is the most successful game in it’s field. But the main reason I used it here is because I found the way the game’s movement handled to be much more comfortable. I was able to move at a walking pace and not feel too slow. I was able to enter combat and put up a fight using wits and agility to avoid attacks and return them.
I’m talking about making minor tweaks to the speed and the camera movements to make them feel less clumsy and (here it comes again) fluid, for players who don’t want to always stop and admire the scenery. Because the game isn’t going to be just about the view in the future when combat becomes more central. Not just vamping up the speed so that I can sprint across the land like the crimson speedster whilst my camera jumps up and down like a dog after it’s owners guest.

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Ohhh, you took the head bobbing into account? i always have that turned off cause it gives me a headache, i think you should try to do the same and see if that helps, i know it did for me.

i honestly forgot that head bobbing was in the game since i dont use it, in that case i can understand why it might feel annoying to you

i still dont agree on buffing the speed though, i think its fine as it is.

That’s totally fine if you don’t agree, I know that things like this are just down to personal preference and that’s why I asked on here. I’m playing with it off from now on because yeah it helps. But whilst I understand that not everyone will agree and therefore changes aren’t likely, I can’t help but feel that the movements aren’t as comfortable to me. I’m sure time will have me get used to them.

yeah i think its a side effect of the grappling hook atm, when they tone it down its going to be felt much more, at that point they will most likely tweak to what they think is the best speed.

i just also judge this on the thought that we might get some kind of mount later on in the game, hence why i dont want to buff it up too high. if they dont add that then there might be a need for slightly faster movement.

from the gameplay side of things I think a slow walking speed like what we have in game would be pretty good to keep the landscape feeling large, and with decent restrictions on sprinting/ dashing the landscape can feel big, but we can also feel agile. Just my thoughts.