Basket on a Half Slab

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Simple request really…

Can I put my Request basket on a half slab?


…It’s not like im asking for pants…


Are you asking to have the mesh sink into the voxel?

ten char

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I once asked why we can’t sit in chairs… this is basically the same issue I think. They don’t have two voxel blocks merge. Maybe they can find a way…

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I would so make a toilet then…


I go afk alot, i would defiantly sit in my chair in my shop as i go…

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I don’t see it being unreasonable to have a basket rendered 1/2 a block lower if placed on a slab…
But then what about fences? Storage containers?
Maybe this should just be limited to items that only take up half a block?

I am on board with this, but it might be hard or even impossible to implement.

Didn’t the torches get an adjustment to sit on half slabs or was it only slopes?

Chisel the block from underneath or square chisel it from the side and you’ll have the top half of the block (half slab) to place stuff onto and it will be flush with it.

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