Be back later Boundless


Don’t know why but my drive for playing boundless has slowly drained over the last month. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to let my stuff fade away (Edit: Not original base). If you want to buy anything off me before this happens feel free to send me a message.

Going to continue watching this game, I will definitely return later as I think it is an amazing game but for now, Cya all later.

(This doesn’t apply to the forums, I’m still going to stalk closely watch the forums.)


Also Bye Hope you come back Sooner rather then later, have fun good luck in whatever new you decide to do.

At least keep you build at gleams active so I have easy bridge use pls. :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ll try, Logging in once every 2 weeks shouldn’t be to hard.


Ok that is good, Well any way Have fun Bye!!!