Be my guidance

Hello. Im thinking To make my project finally.
Its a tree… But im still unsure about colors.

Could i ask you offer me color combos and perhaps some screenshots aswell if you have made your own trees Where you have found those colors work.

Atm Im thinking of doing it with brownish ancient trunks and Orange colored foliage… Could be autumn like tree sort of… Based on colors At least


Sochaltin I has some decent wood colors.
Its ancient wood is “strong mustard” and can be found as bamboo forests close to the Grandeur Hub as far as I remember. (I used to have a base close to a bamboo forest over there)

Sochaltin I wood colors:

I tend to mix strong mustard with silk mustard and shadow yellow which allow a pretty nice palette.
The only build out of wood which I can access right now uses silk orange in addition to the mentioned three colors.


Silk Yellow on Silk Yellow


RED-Blue-Green ?

edit: Red-Green-Blue :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at the natural trees on mine and my daughter’s sovereign world Phyusion Frusty. The color combos are absolutely gorgeous. All 3 trunks are a different shade of taupe, and atm I can’t remember the colors of the foilage. Would have to be on game to go see. But the colors I chose made that world one of the prettiest worlds I have seen. I have seen many beautiful colored worlds along my travels as well. The world is thru the TNT Serp hub, in the right back hand corner. They do remind me of fall colors


a swedish whitebeam would be perfect for you buugiboy :grin: