Beacon coin missing

So earlier today set a controlled beacon to give footfall to the guild. Once that was selected the coin amount dropped to 0 and the collect box greyed out.
The faction director then tried to collect at the beacon it showed 0c
We checked the book and it showed 0c…and checked the members tab for contributions thinking it may show there and it showed 0c.
We then tried again with another beacon that had some coin and the same result
Waited a few hours and checked again still no update on the guild balance sheet and the beacons read that there is no coin.

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When you said the number of coin dropped to zero, did you see any other number greater than zero at the time?

When you change Controlled beacons between Guild-owned and Beacon-Owner-owned footfall the balance is automatically withdrawn to the current alignment.

Is this to stop a player setting the footfall to a Guild, but changing the option, taking the footfall, then changing the option back.

So the footfall will have gone to you or the Guild depending on the configuration of the setting.

Yes both beacons had a coin balance greater than 0c prior to pressing the button

It went from controlled to guild coin control at which point the balance went to 0c which I understood to mean that now only a guild member with the correct permission could collect the coin.
I haven’t considered that the coin may have gone to my character to be honest I wouldn’t know if that was the case as I didn’t take note of the coin balance of both characters prior to giving guild coin control

In any case it definitely did not go to the guild.

it goes to the owner coin bank once you first set it so the coin go to the guild.


It should be clearer.

Players shouldn’t be left wondering - where did my coin go?

“Coin balance is automatically withdrawn before the option is changed”… (or something).


Ok so what you are saying is that by opting in for guild control on coin that the balance at the time goes to my character and only future footfall after this point gets collected by the guild?

Finally if the above is correct. Then how does the guild collect the coin after this has been enabled? Is it directly at every beacon or is it automatic or is it via the book?

Yes - correct.

On likewise when switching from Guild-owns-footfall to Player-owns-footfall.

The Guild members who Control the beacon can come and collect it. When they hit collect they’re collecting on behalf of the guild.

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