Beacon coins


Just a little thing that has been puzzling me, I have several beacons within a larger settlement which collect 30c per footfall.

I have noticed on many occasions, having collected all the beacon coins, then next time I go the coins to collect are not a multiple of 30!

For example, I collected coins this morning, then decided to rename beacon, when I went back after a short time I had 80c to collect, but beacon says 30c per footfall.

Is some poor citizen wandering about with a third of their body missing?! :thinking:


It was I. Body of thirds, mind of fourths.


It’s based on city size, 30c is a lie. You typically get more than 30c unless it’s a 10k prestige new build as a new settlement.


my beacon in a big city shows I’m collecting amount based on my beacon prestige (20c) but I’m getting 100c based on entire city prestige


Well, now I know why!

Thanks for the responses.