Beacon Deeds

We should have deeds to our beacons for easy, lossless transfers. I have 3 possible ideas for how they can be implemented:

  1. Another option in the P2P menu, below hand-to-hand trading. Whatever beacon both players are standing in can be exchanged and you have the option of adding coin. The game ensures the buyer has enough plots. Once complete, all plots are transferred.

  2. Craft-able, like a location token. This would allow the transfer to occur anywhere and in a normal trade, though there would need to be a way to prove what beacon it is so someone cant make a beacon with equal plots and buried prestige and scam people. Could also be sold in shop stands which would be great, but again since you couldn’t place them in the beacon or the stand and money would transfer to the buyer, they’d have to be sold elsewhere.

  3. Craft-able and place-able. This would be like a ‘for sale’ sign and would sync to the beacon it’s in. Seller lists the price and possibly some other kind of requirements, then can leave it alone and they receive the cash directly or in the exchange upon sale. I like this version the most.

Real estate investment could be a very fun experience, would give builders a more legitimate business plan, and would certainly give more reason to explore. Imagine a realtor beacon (using scenario 3) with location tokens and descriptions of each build, maybe even portals to each.

Even for non-commercial transfers, deeds would be super helpful. I’m about to build something for someone who said they will plot it as I need, but I have plenty of plots to do it myself… I just don’t want to risk losing a plot in the process. It’s too easy to make that mistake.

Beacon deeds!



This could be a really cool addition, that would help builders make coin for their work. I agree.


Oof. Yes please. Just copy/paste the Ultimate Online structure deed model.

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Plot/beacon transferring and blueprints are being worked on in the background, I’m pretty sure.
Can’t wait for it to be implemented in whatever initial shape for testing, although I wouldn’t expect it this year or even in the first half of 2020.

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Never played it but I’m sure you’re on the money.

For the place-able idea, I’m thinking it can look like Fable. Just a piece of paper posted next to the front door.