Beacon detector 🔊


it would be nice to have something that detects the beacons (maybe display them on an atlas?) to avoid bad surprises. We often find unused beacons (one plot) all over the planets and you do not know until you fall on it. Sometimes we think we’ve found a good place to build but that’s not the case :slightly_smiling_face:


When you go exploring, you could use the B key to see the bounds of plots. Doesn’t that does pretty much what you’re asking?


on ps4 i can press the up arrow to show the plots. But I wish I could see the beacons over a longer distance


example, display them on atlases as places (destination)

it would be easier to find a place to build


I think someone said you can put a warp augment in an atlas and that will show them, I haven’t got around to trying it myself yet so can’t confirm.


oh that would be great … but in my opinion it could work only if we are on another planet and we point the planet in question

i’ll try tonight

Thank you


Jumped at light-speed into game to check it out.

And it works! Nice! Thanks @GreyArt247 ! Gonna spread that info to my friends. :3


Great!! it will make things easier

thank you so much @GreyArt247


Wow, that works really good :slightly_smiling_face:


need to find the manual for the game lol i wonder what else i dont know about


Sounds stupid, but I now wonder if you can plug a shop-stand in an atlas to see where all shops are. XD

EDIT : Survey says… nope, doesn’t work.


At one point it was stated as it ‘could’ be possible. I imagine either there wasn’t enough response for it or too many players are using shop stands for storage for it to be really useful.


You can see a minimap with plots on PC but not PS4. Wish they’d make it a non debug feature so us PS4 people could enjoy!


The warp augment in atlas doesn’t work in PS4? o_o

Not sure how many do this, but yeah, I’ve seen shops who put something at 9 billions just to be like "heeeey, I got some, but none for you, suckers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ".


No, on PC you can view a pop up minimap showing plots. No atlas needed!


I started using shopstands because they hold 4 times as much as a storage block and take up the same space and voxel count.


Some people hide them… I don’t but I know others do.

If you put a warp augment into the atlas of the planet you are in, it will show beacons just like any other item you put in… the beacons will be lit up and it makes them much easier to find.

Edited to add…I am a PS4 player and it works just fine for me.


it works very well :ok_hand:


I hope you don’t mind but I sampled your screenshot as an illustration on the wiki.


I’m honored. Thank you. :wink: