Beacon for traps (trap placing and dismanteling mecanic)(loose blocks)

so this beacon allows us to set traps the beacon needs no fuel it goes away when someone fall into the trap our dismantle it this will allow to create also dungeon type off builds

trap should be non lethal in it own if people wonna make it lethal thats up to them :smile:

i think the world’s are still to friendly to us

trap example could be as simple as falling blocks loose blocks

also trapbeacons can spawn in wild
so when ya arive on new location ya first need to make dismantle tools
to recuperate the traps :slight_smile:

please share your thoughts on this mecanic


It reminds me of the traps that spawn in Terraria–that would be sweet on high level worlds!

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So lets get this right? You want to grief people, and at the same time you want the trap beacon to be free and not require fuel?!?