Beacon Fuel Permissions

There should be many improvements to the beacons but now when the beacon fuel has become limited. I think there needs to be another permission that does less than whats in the game already. there should be a permission for everyone to add my beacon to there beacon lists and see the information and it should allow the players to add fuel to it too.

Second part less important. A permission to allow the added players to take the footfall as a thank you for keeping track of it.

This will help with helping players to trust other players, and in the building competition, I could help out refuel it so it’s not gone in 2 weeks. towns can add players to roads to keep it up. and then we might not have the situation where everyone fighting to get the building during the beacon apocalypse one trying to save it and the rest is trying to take it for the resource. it allows helps players work together where it needs less trust.

It might be used for pots that should disappear but we can already do that with the other permissions so I don’t think that’s a problem.

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I am hoping (and expecting as it would make sense) that this would all be rolled up into guild permissions. Crossing my fingers! :crossed_fingers:

I definitely like the idea of more specific permissions. like have one permission regarding storage, one for like you said being able to fuel the beacon and access footfall coin… hmm maybe if coin was separate too… or even better just have like a checklist for each of the permission types, for each person in the list as well as one that applies to everyone (friended or not)
that way everyone’s preferences are satisfied, you could have a public message board where anyone can write, or a public storage where everyone can access the items like an Iron armoury for noobs at the Hunter’s courtyard…
and if anyone doesn’t comply, they can just be removed from permissions

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Yeah i love those ideas!

I have a pretty strong feeling that when the guild system is rolled out you will probably see a lot of what your asking for.

On the second point tho, instead of letting people get all grabby with my footfall as a way to thank them id rather see coin donation boxes, or even a guild banking system.

well the reason i want to add the fotfall is for the players that stop playing and you keep up there builds to they come back or to save some realy nice builds.

And what ive heard ftom the guild system its not going to be in 1.0 and they are going to give us 6 months warning before the wipe for 1.0 so that will be long time from now. sure players can do alot of stuff with the beacons but thats where we are held back. and cant realy work togeather. becus we have the prooblems of players leaving the game.

What about those of us who have no interest in participating in guilds? If I want to collaborate on a project with someone, I shouldn’t have to join a guild just to do that. I guess it depends somewhat on the details of how the guild system works, but let’s just say I’m skeptical. It would help if you can be a member of multiple guilds at once. Then you could make a shell guild “Project Foobar Development Corp” or something just for the permissions.

That’s the only reason i feel like people shouldn’t be able to fuel other peoples beacons without a better permission system (which is why i brought up said guild system because it would have to have a permissions system of it’s own, especially if the guilds have internal ranks) Its one thing if it’s your guilds build your refueling… it’s a whole other deal giving people ability to fuel any beacon.

Say a player with fairly good intentions is running around refueling random beacons (which would happen because of the feat for fueling beacons) but that person has nooooooo idea if the beacon owner is ever going to return… Now that land is locked over and over again by being refueled and no new or current user will be able to use that land to build.
But… that is just if 1 person left… imagine it on a larger scale… then the world is dotted with everlasting unfinished builds and ghost towns dotting every planet. All that could be avoided however, If the beacons continue to function as they are now.
I’m not entirely averse to the idea, i just think it could possibly have some lasting ramifications if players were able to refuel any beacon.
I do really like the first part… i would like to be able to add others beacons to a list to be able to see the info…

As far as the road-map goes… almost every early access game has one, It gives you a good idea of what developers kind of have planned at the moment… but road-maps are usually not set in stone and are subject to change as much as the game itself.

In that scenario you wouldn’t have to join a guild, that’s what friend-list and beacon perms are for. I can’t say this with 100% certainty, but i don’t see a guild perm system removing or replacing beacon perms… i would think it would just add to them, so that you would be able to set guild ranks with specific perms.

All speculation until devs release more info on it… :grinning:

Yeah, I’m not too worried about it until we get more info. It just seemed to me like a lot of people were saying “don’t worry, guild permissions will take care of it”. Maybe I misunderstood what they’re saying. Refuelling permission is something I think would be useful as a regular beacon permission, not just a guild permission. That’s all I meant to say.

Can people not currently refuel a beacon if they are added and given interaction perms?
I genuinely don’t know, i figured they could… what i was focusing on was this bit here…

Unless this was worded wrong or i’m misunderstanding… but what i get from this is wanting the ability for anyone to refuel a beacon, without being added to it and given perms.

At this time you can add players with permissions to the beacon but then it gives them to extensive permissions. build craft open machines and containers. but what I’m after is a lesser permission that only gives access to the fuel and the beacon list info. this way you can help out and fuel it. :slight_smile:

Ok Ok… you and me are on the exact same wavelength now i think. I 100% agree and have thought for a while that permissions should be split up better instead of:
full access to intractable props… instead split them up to be more specific, machine, storage, beacon fuel, etc etc etc
full access to build and remove… again split it up better or with more specific choices "can only add/remove standard blocks, etc etc etc