Beacon Options

I think we should try to make a list of options we would like to see in beacons, even in case its for something we are not sure they have added, i will start, feel free to add on.

Player Killing: On/Off

(to toggle if you can do ffa and kill other players in the given area)

Duel: On/Off

(If they add a duel system, you could set if Duels are allowed in the certain area)

Mount Use: On/Off

(if you can spawn mounts in the area, would be needed in things such as inns so they dont just suddenly spawn a horse in the middle of the area)

Grappling Hook: On/Off

(i know it will be nerfed, but we should be allowed to choose if we can use grappling hook in the area, some places it would be best not to, such if somebody wants to make a race course or the like)

Payment on Entering: x amount

(this is an option that was mentioned on the main site, which i really like, the ability to put a gold cost on entering a beaconed area, people would get a warning and an accept box when they tried to enter)


(A list of people who cannot enter the beacon, shouldnt require the players token)


(if it is a closed beacon, who can enter, should not require player token)

Building Allowed: player x

(popping in a persons token will allow him to build in the beacon)

Anything else you people can think of?


May be an option for not losing the inventory in death could be helpful for theme park like beacons :wink:

indeed, that would also be very useful for pvp fights.

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who can do what in the beacon so you can list who can build, and the ability to set permissions for everyone or certaint people in the becaon so for example people who build can have build perms and use grapples but the regular player can’t

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who can/cannot open doors. who can/can’t look in containers


or more extensive who has permissions to withdraw and deposit from containers

I dont think white-list should be allowed on the main servers for the most part they already confirmed that there would be locks and so if you dont want anyone to go in then you can already do that


bumping this

Keeping in mind the guidelines to make new posts in preexisting relevant threads, I decided an idea I had should not merit it’s own thread but rather be placed here.

The idea is an easy way to implement the complex designs for beacons (and upkeep) that people have been talking about for a while. I’m sure that the devs already have beacon fundamentals planned and maybe even partially coded, so this idea may come to late or may be similar to what is already being worked on.

Essentially, the idea is this. Upon placing a beacon, it saves NO space. Nothing is protected. Instead, after paying a certain amount of oort shards or whatever, the beacon becomes active. It still has nothing protected. Players can then right click on the beacon to “link” it to them, which essentially activates a sort of claiming mode. As players walk around, the beacon will start to claim the space they are stepping on (from sky to core).

With this comes the idea that players don’t have to claim as many spots as they have possible. Assuming for sake of this idea that current beacons protect a 100 x 100 area. That’s 10,000 individual spaces. If I only want a beacon to protect about 200 spaces, that would easily be allowed with this system. I also believe that the cost of maintaining the beacon should then be proportional to the number of spaces being protected. If a beacon isn’t using it’s full power, we shouldn’t be charged the full price.

An important rule came into mind as I was thinking about this. Each space being claimed must be connected to either the space with the beacon or an already claimed space. In this way, you couldn’t randomly split up your claim into unconnected areas. This rule would allow for players to protect any areas they wanted, regardless of the shape of the claim (circles, triangles, protecting just certain parts of the local landscape, etc.), as long as they had the space available in their maximum space count for the beacon.

In order to make this easier, players should be able to see which spaces they’ve already claimed when entering “claim mode”. Blocks could glow light blue or the beacon effect could show from any claimed areas.

Problems I can think of: people (backers) with larger beacon areas could envelop the claims of others and charge people for coming and going to and from their own areas. There would need to be a rule against this. Similarly, people could just make long, protected line and charge a toll to pass through it.

Thoughts? :doug:

Pretty neat idea but I don’t like the idea of beacon area going from max height to max depth.
This would mean you cant have a beacon above yours which means cities like this would be impossible to make:

A possible solution to this would be to just add a bar/slider (maybe controlled my the mousehweel) with which you can control the beaconed height/depth in relation to your current position.
Assuming that shaping a beacon is nothing you do every day this increased effort would probably be not too annoying.

Hmm, interesting idea. I’m not against your idea but I imagine someone could say that if people wanted to build apartment-type building, then an easy way would be to just let every tenant have permissions for that spot. But I personally like the idea of an underground or underwater base without the beacon effect shouting out to everyone where it is.