Beacon prestige not making it a settlement [SOLVED]

I have a beacon on the developer creative planet. Kal-El Creative (-960N -843E)

The beacon has 138K plus prestige and is not considered a settlement.

It also does not appear to be part pf a settlement. I can turn on the plot viewer leave the plotted area and return and it doe not tell me I am entering a settlement. When I look at Settlements the only one I am part of is Autumn in the public universe, I am not part of another settlement on the creative planet.

I have logged out of the game and returned with no change. I have gone to another planet in the live universe and returned and there is no change. When I go through the warp to my beacon it only gives the name of the planet and not my beacon.

Why might this be happening?

check the achievements/quests.
I think there are more conditions to make it a settlement like amount of beacons or something

no it is merely the prestige that decides what type of settlement it is. . have never had this problem before.

I found the problem. It was bridging.

This can be closed @majorvex @Stretchious

Closed at OP request