Beacon Protection buffers in Release 227 Status


If you don’t think blueprints and neighbour’s have any connection then I guess you’re right. I just see them as a double edged sword. I saw this issue with buffer zones and malls/neighbour’s when it was first proposed back in January but it was what people wanted …


Buffer zone is working great for me and my builds. Our city isn’t designed in a way that is causing problems either.

Hope it all works out.


No but what I saw you writing is :

  1. Blueprints would mean that you’d lose your nice neighbors.
  2. Blueprints would mean that where you re-locate, you might have bad neighbors appear out of nowhere the next day.

How are these issues a blueprint-related problem?
In the first case, well, if you have nice neighbors where you are, don’t relocate or convince them to move with you.
In the second case, that can already happen if you don’t use blueprints.

Good for you if you saw issues with the buffer zones long before anyone. I can’t say the same, I wasn’t as concerned as I should’ve been about them, mostly because I saw there was already a lot of discussions about them, and people raising concerns, which were in the end not taken properly into consideration.
In any case, that doesn’t mean you have a valid point concerning blueprints. ^^


I didn’t come on here to get into an argument, I simply replied to someone as to why I personally was still on the fence about blueprints. I’ll leave you to it as I have better things to do :no_mouth:


I like how you guys handle the issue recently, Its looks more professional now.
Good job :slight_smile


Perhaps we could consider this as well


main issues with this system - new builds cannot connect to existing road system becouse 2 plots wide areas are reserved… and its almost impossible to contact road owner - theres no mail boxes…


I have been trying to work on my shop lately, and at this time I still hope my neighbor log on to let me increase my shop in size … Plots are reserved behind my shop … It’s so far from them I really don’t understand that reserved thing …


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