Beacon regeneration

This is just something i thought of that has so many flaws that its near unbeliveable, but i still it would be cool.

i think you should be able to set a standard setting for your beacon which you can revert it to when you want, this would only work with placed blocks. the reason i say this is because it could be awesome to make a colluseum arena fight where people could build and dig all they want, but when they are done you could instantly revert it back to the normal colluseum. biggest problem would be those who use it to get infinite blocks or minerals. so not sure how you could counter that. maybe you could only revert and replace all of the blocks if you have them on you? dunno

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Yeah I think the revert thing should be depended on a storage besides the beacon.

The idea is great though :slight_smile:

Perhaps add certain gadgets to a beacon so the beacon knows when you are starting a round, thus deciding that everything currently in the beacon including player inventories will be restored to a previous state at the end of the round/ when conditions are met.

would be even more work than a physical reset. and would have the same problems as just having a physical reset.

I was trying to fix the problem you caused :expressionless: and yes I realize that is probably a lot of work.

it could be pretty neat though, if beacons allow pvp anyways then make them save it so it resets when it is done as you said, would just be more work, and again, you could just start a pvp match and then get all of the mats you want, and then it would be the same problem.

I think this is a working solution but set “if you have them on you” to “if they are in a container beside to the beacon”

so a sort of you lose the blocks that are missing and gain the ones that werent there before kind of thing? that would just suck for those fighting if they are the ones who placed the blocks. hmmm.

No you put an amount of blocks in a chest beside the beacon. These blocks will be used to rebuild with, then all blocks which where placed where they did not belong would be collected and put in a separate chest also placed beside the beacon.

This way blocks would neither be lost or gained.

The biggest problem with this is that it could probably be used for farming and such.

Another way could be that when Arena mode is initiated you do not gain items from breaking things and the area is reverted to original state afterwards.

That would be an amazing solution, but that would still be kinda hard if for example 2 people build in the beacon, how would they get their blocks back again?

So like a roll back to saved state function? Simple. Players cross boundary to a rollback beacon; would you like to become locked to this beacon?

Player inv. Is now saved and time stamped.
No other players may cross the beacon boundary unless they also lock inventory for the beacon. Players inside may now place, destroy, or pick up any items. Upon leaving the beacons boundary, inventory reset to its time stamp. When all players have left, beacon rolls back to it’s default state. I don’t believe I overlooked any loopholes… correct me if I’m wrong.

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And we found a solution.

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who does the placed blocks go to?

Everyone regains their inventory and the beacon resets everything so no loose and no gain.

and if 200 people entered at once? think the system could handle it?

When you enter, you save your inv to that moment in time (the time stamp). When you exit, your inv reverts back to that moment. Blocks left in the beacon remain until the last person leaves the zone. When nobody remains inside the beacon, the zone is reverted to its default state, replacing any removed blocks and removing any placed blocks.

and what if some of the players logged off? would the system still work? if they moved to another server? what if nobody left the beacon ever?

Certainly, it would be similar to how beacons and land regen already are expected to work. Inv could be handled client side. If not, set a limit to the number of participates to something tolerable.

in this system the person who owns the beacon loses all of the control doesnt he? wouldnt it be better if he could physically reset the beacon when he wanted?

At the point the player returns outside the beacon or if he returns after reset he regains his old inventory.

Not sure what you mean?

Then it would basically be an old save that is never used.

It doesn’t seem like it? He can still shut down the beacon or reset when he wants?