Beacon Replacement

I read a load of stuff already could there be an option to take all beacons connected to eachother and put them in another world so take your home/guild with you can place the whole thing somewhere else in another world?

Worlds will regen I read somewhere so It would just let the world you leave to become regenned again and clean
And then you could keep your creations with you and place them in another place

well they have talked about saving them for when the world wipes will come, but allowing people to do that at will would be kinda overkill.

Maybe if it was very, very, very expensive to do?

I have no idea how it could be done though.

If you want a big neat beacon for your guild on another world, build it! This is a crafting game and when people feel that they need a new home on a new place, they have to conquer the place and build it. This is a question of wanting something, not getting nice gifts :wink: . The old beacon should be removable with getting some of the shards back, but not just movable - especialy to another world where you would normaly need a new kind of shards to build a new beacon.


I think the point was that it would be cool if you could bag the full guild house and set it up together with the beacon, which is actually a quite interesting idea.

exactly thorbjorn

and @thebirne if we need new resources for other type of beacon id still like to get the guild to be there instantly after we have the beacon setup

My problem with "teleporting the building with all other stuff is, that it will be difficult to let it fit to the new place. sounds like a bunch of work for the devs. And why not havong them build a new building? Like I said: If you want it, build it.

The stuff I build is to good to remake over and over

Then think about the place you want to have the house/fort/city/kathedral/stuff before you begin building it. And if you want to go to another world, build a portal (which will be possible later)

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I know others are much more invested in their properties than I am, but it would be ashamed to limit both the development work and the potential creativity of each beacon area based on alpha or beta contents. I prefer to view this time as an opportunity to really get to know the game and it’s mechanics at zero cost. And we get to have fun doing it. When the game releases, most will have to first sacrifice resources to learn what works and we will already know. That has value without cheating.