Beacon Suggestion

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Since I am a builder, and I LOVE that you are using beacons /landmarking to prevent any grief. I thought this idea may be cool, and thought I’d swing it by you: The beacons right now are blocks. Why don’t you make a beacon table, and than be able to customize the beacon blocks to match the blocks you are using in the build. they could have a special marking on them in case you wanted to move them later. I think this would be a great way to incorporate a beacon system into a building game. I’ve played other games, and really hated how I was forced to put objects in areas that wasn’t visually pleasing.


like that idea but a simpe trick for now just dig it undergroudn

The block is only a place holder for now, and you only need 1 beacon block per area. You can use the “beacon planner” item to add to the beacon, so you don’t have to place a block in every node.

Wasn’t sure if they were sticking to that design. I didn’t like the rigidness of it tbh :slight_smile: I know the block is a placeholder, that’s why I suggested using it! :stuck_out_tongue: