Beacons 2.0


@james Can we get added in the next update if possible to see how much time is left on other’s beacons?


I believe you can already see this if certain permissions are set. Those who wish to keep people in the dark can choose to keep it private so that others won’t be circling their settlement like vultures :stuck_out_tongue:


And wait what when beacon fuel run out and plundered here


At least it was plundered/ maybe saved, rather then lost to world regeration


Haha this would’ve been useful when I was stalking @Kirinvar’s sapphire building in Therka Market, waiting to “save” it. I believe it was Kiri’s. I dunno.


i think that was miaii. Kirinvar’s the one that snagged it. I was camping it too =\


It’s Miakodae’s and it still is. It was refueled last minute, I guess. :smile:
I saw you guys camping.
I was camping plots near Plaza.


I wasn’t even thinking of plundering wow thats genious. I was thinking more of reaching out to them letting em know hey its getting low man you should filler-up XD


Awful idea, all for the above reasons of people posting :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always just fill them up anyways, if you’ve spare stuff and not noticed the owner/anyone nearby recently. Could always dig up some wild stuff nearby and see if it regens.


You can refuel it without perms