Beacons Expiring Testing 232 - resolved

So I have gleam club which I thought covered my beacons in test as well as production. I went into test today and most of my beacons had expired. I have a few that have a few days left but I have over 10 weeks of gleam club.

I am pretty confused

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Yea I went on as well and my main beacon expired. Have GC also.

What is weird is it is about 70% regened instead of all regened which I would have expected. . oh well.

Perhaps because the test server was taken down time had not passed by as long on the server as far as the regenerative process goes? Perhaps your beacon was still 100% intact until they put the server backup then the time stamp on your beacon realized it was expired and the process only begin at that point of time?

This only works if gleam club is not longer working in test. Since I never let me gleam club expire, I never had a gap in coverage. That is not how it was working before, and I do understand that the test universe is always subject to a wipe. I would have preferred a total regen, then at least I could build next to the same players in test without having to remove tons of partial builds. Maybe if the release is still in test in a few days I will go in and try stuff once my build is entirely gone.

Oh yes I see what you’re saying now I still haven’t had my first cup of coffee! Yeah that is kind of a mystery

However, after thinking and drinking a little caffeine myself. When they took the universe down maybe the links to gleam club were broken. So the beacons only had the beacon fuel put in them to run off of. If I had logged into test right after it was opened up, maybe I could have fueled the beacons and they would have reset to gleam club or placed a new beacon and it would have relinked to gleam club.

Edit: interesting. I placed a new beacon and gave it basic beacon fuel and it only gave me 4 weeks of fuel and put greater beacon fuel in another and it gave me 16 weeks, so it is not seeing gleam club on test. Hopefully this is just test and not a bug that will role out to live with the release.

Edit2: I went to sanctum and even quit and relaunched the game and in no case was the beacon reset to match gleam club. I have 23+ weeks of gleam club remaining

GC doesn’t seem to work on Testing. I lost my previous workshop last time because of it, it’s kinda annoying. And since Testing isn’t there when there’s nothing to test so to speak we can’t refuel them once in a while and lately the amount of time between Testing can be rather long’ish so if you forget to refuel…

This also makes me think that Testing is all nice and cute but isn’t really working. I’m not going to spend time to make a workshop and test things extensively if I have to start from scratch many times over since Testing universe can also get wiped once in a while anyway.

I know it’s probably not all that feasible, but if I could go on Testing and have a copy of my whole Live workshop there and storage that I could actually test more extensively than having to start from scratch…

GC has never applied to Testing. All payments and purchasing are disabled.


OK not sure why I thought when I wast testing farming it was working

Sorry for the fuss

Nope. Never worked.

We have the payments disabled - so that there is no confusion about buying something and us then resetting the universe.

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The 30 days of free GC from the Deluxe Edition get applied on the Test Server everytime you enter a freshly reset Test Server for the first time.

When it runs out, there’s no GC again until the Test Server is reset again.


This can be closed @Stretchious or @Havok40k

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Closed at OP request