Beacons not exists on Sovereign world seen from sanctum

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As shown from the screenshot, there is a beacon (or maybe settlement named Vita Brevis Valley),
but it should not appear there because there isn’t any

I have submitted a gamelog as soon as I see this

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Do you happen to have the approximate coordinates for that particular location?

This is the coordinates I get by pointing a totem with warp augment

This is another beacon name which also does not exist on this world

I just checked. These 2 beacons appear on all of my sovereign worlds

Ps. I’ve submitted a game log just now

Do you only see these on sovereign worlds?

Yes. I haven’t seen these on permanent worlds

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’ve added it to the database anyway.

It may not matter too much, but just in case it does, what worlds were you on prior to returning to the sanctum before seeing these settlements?

I ran into something similar when first exploring my sovereign world. The Atlas showed a settlement. But when I got there, there was nothing. Didn’t show on the compass. But the Atlas was insisting there was something there.
I just ignored it and moved on.
I think it disappeared after time…

I was on Ceres Gigas then return to sanctum.
That was not a problem, but those didn’t look right

Thank you

Just fyi:
I just logged in boundless. The last planet I was on was Angel I
Those beacon names are still there on all my sovereign worlds