Becoming Boundless

As we’re updating the site and getting excited about becoming Boundless I thought it might be a good time to get super deep and all Tumblr on you…

We are making this game for you, the community are the life of this game and it wouldn’t work without one. We’ve been so lucky to gain a positive, passionate community with the game still at such an early stage. Most devs would kill for such a vocal, honest and engaged community. We’re really, really grateful. As the game gets bigger, the community will get bigger and I hope you’ll all be as excited to see it grow as we are.

We won’t lose sight of why we’re making the game (you), our goal is for the game to be fair, inclusive and open to all. We’ll continue to be as transparent as we’ve always been, and still aim to surprise you every now and then…

The whole of Wonderstruck is now focused on making Boundless a reality. As I look around me there’s programmers writing code and systems, things being poked for testing, giggles from our artists working on the new creatures, a producer trying to make sense of Hansoft so we don’t miss our dates, and furrowed brows of concentration from the design team trying to make sure our game plays like nothing you’ve ever played before.

If we can deliver on the ambitious and grand vision of the game with a passionate community, this could be a game that is played by many, many people for a long, long time. And we were all there together at the beginning…

Strap in.



(buckles seatbelt)


What goes around, comes around^^ You devs are honest and we pay it back to you.


I love you :b:en.


:clap: :clap: :open_mouth: :raised_hands: :pray: :train2: :shard:

Is it @Tahru?


In it to win it, bro. Thanks for putting up with me!


Im only here for @ben’s piñata …


But we found out his piñata was Hitler some time ago D:
How could you? :sob: