Being able to let people rent your planet for coins? [placeholder]

so with the upcoming rentals! (who’s hyped hmm?)
i would like to have a feature that lets people rent a friends planet for coins.
now this s just an idea/suggestion for in the future (pun intended)

so for example you would rent the planet, and you could rent it out for in game coins (maybe own chosen amount) for example 500,000 a month that they have to add coins to the planet (in some way) see it like adding funds to the guild.
now this means they do get full rights and your rights will be reduced! , also if they would not pay for it no-more, you get the rights back and theirs reduced.

this is just so others that could not rent a planet with cash, to be able to let them rent for coins.
i’m just thinking outside of the box here with any possible options for non payers.

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Incoming pay to win comments

Edit: Tho I wouldn’t be against it. Just like I wish we could buy/sell GC for Coin or other things of value

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exactly, but i would not call this pay to win since you do not use real cash (those that pay with coins)

but im interested what people have to say about it

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its is probably not hard to add since i know a few games that have premium tickets in game for example premium 30 days and you could buy it with real cash and sell this in game for coins. and if used then you would just get the 30 days premium.

if they add such a feature, i will give 3x 180 days away as raffle :slight_smile:

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The pay to win exchange is

RL Cash -> Planet -> Coins

Which means RL Cash = IG Coins


i don’t know i do have a different point of view on this but i do get the drift!

It’s a cool idea, but it might violate CoC for trading in game goods for real-world currency…even if there’s a step in between.


I don’t see a problem with it since the game is getting their $ for the planet. This would be similar to other games where you either pay for a subscription/character/land or you grind like crazy for the in-game currency to get it.

As far as the P2W argument …it seems that paying irl cash for a rental planet is more P2W than grinding for coins to get one (jus sayn lol).

The only prob I see is if the landlord can’t maintain the rent on their planets, for whatever reason. Some poor soul that paid 500k coin could lose it all. Maybe it’s worth the risk to some in the same way building on someone else’s rental would be.

James said they were possibly adding a feature that would let multiple players/guilds all chip in for one planet.

could work. just needs some game mechanic that would act as a ‘contract’ (I pay coin to your ‘planet guild’, I get perks and you can’t take them away unless I break CoC) each transaction would have to be approved by the planet owner and could not be made for a longer period than the planet is paid for at that time.
doesn’t look like p2w to me

EDIT: there could be a max plot cap. both that and the price would be decided by the owner

example: I want to build a mall, so I make plot cap 6 and price 0c.


There’s a system in place with which you can buy keys to extend a planet, was in one of the last Testing releases, this was implemented exactly for this reason, that people can share the costs so the same person doesn’t have to pay each month, others csn buy a key and extend it.

Tho a system like you’re proposing would also be handy to have for beacons! Have been asking for that for a while now!
(also for allowing to have 2+ beacons above each other owned by the same player, combined with renting out beacons where original owner loses some perms while it’s being rented. This would allow multi floor malls!)

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I feel this would cause interesting changes in the general ingame economy as well, because as soon as this kind of service is offered, it gives a “real dollar value” to coins. This means suddenly every item in the game has an exchange value that it is measured against, which can change perceptions of value completely.

As an extreme example, EVE Online has this (buy game time cards, sell them ingame for credits), and results in people discussing ingame assets in terms of real dollar value based on that exchange rate.


I think the biggest issue with this is what happens if the person paying for the planet doesn’t want to keep up their subscription but the person paying coin doesn’t want their planet frozen. I’m sure there’s a way around this with an auction house and subscription banking system.

Definitely more viable for gleam club for sure IMO.

Both systems would benefit WS monetarily and therefore benefit is all. I’m in favor.

I am against this.

If someone has enough disposable RL income… they could rent as many planets as they wanted, and basically be buying coin

It gets really close to the line of no buying or selling gold/items/anything digital for RL $

It turns the people renting the planets into the “selling gold farmers”

And the planet owner into “buying gold” purchaser.

And then it will be PTW for the one who can afford to rent the most planets.

Great source of income for the devs, but gonna stir a big pot of arguments


Yes it’s related, but:

If the devs sell coin, every time they sell coin, it devalues everyone else’s coin due to inflation. Not only do other players get nothing of benefit, they get a penalty

If the devs let people sell planets for coin, it’s only already existing coin that moves around, and people get additional planets.

so if someone wonna rage quit people can just get keys and keep the stuff going our does owner still stays almighty

Some people are already planning to rent manyyyy planets. There is no limit (AFAIK).

It would just be more like sharing, or putting someone else in charge. Like a guild or club.

Regardless of whether or not the devs approve it, I’m sure people will do this anyway. There’s no way for the devs to stop it really.

I think a planet’s founder should be able to say whether or not people are allowed to use keys to take it over and keep it going.

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From what I have seen, Ultimately a single player is the planets owner. That person can set all the permissions for the planet. Just entering a key for a planet does nothing to change the ownership or give the person that entered the key any permissions on the planet. I did that several times with another player in test.

I would think it would take direct developer interaction in order for the ownership to change. I seems that the player that owns the planet would have some say in the transfer of ownership. On top of which, if a player was quitting, all they would have to do is reclaim every beacon on the planet and all anyone would be able to take over would be an empty planet.

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Yeah I’m in favor of people being able to keep a favorite planet going. The devs already let people extend gleam club for people who quit.

As kal says, if a planet owner wants to scorch earth, they can do so already.

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I was referring to everyone asking for the ability to keep/save a planet that someone stopped paying for. If it’s due to an unfortunate financial or other IRL situation, that’s one thing. If it’s on purpose, that’s another.

I can see cases where someone would not want a planet to continue to exist for whatever reason.