Being Griefed + Gleam abused


He saw I was connecting my base, and I had two plots left to connect. He ran and tagged the last plot with a beacon in front of my door (IN the middle of my base) he is completely surrounded by my base. He is now, trying to gleam tower abuse my base.

He also, logs out and hides everytime I log in.

His name is -(Removed to prevent shaming, and shameful individual)

Edit: Also my base is near 1000 plots, and completely inclosed by a wall. He knows he is in the wrong.


Use the in game report button for this. Also you may want to remove the name for the post, something about name calling or name shaming or something.


I used the report a player, but also posting here as devs don’t seem to respond to in-game reports.


Ok, as long as you also did it in game aswell


They wont do it immediately. All the griefing issues are examined on a case by case according to the code of conduct. Also you should remove the name of the player from your post as trundamere stated since that can be viewed as shaming which is against the Coc

Hopefully it gets solved soon.


Alright, thanks.


gonna take that spot when hes gone lol :DD


He is still at it, he said he doesn’t care devs “Won’t do anything”



Added my own gleam wall, to circumvent his for now…


Might want to take down that screenshot and edit it so his name isn’t in it anymore.


why is everyone using gleam for prestige? theres other stuff similarly easy to get and yields more prestige >.<


Edited it out


Curious. Like what? PM if you don’t want to discuss it here


Don’t reply to that, as he knows the forum post is up. He deleted his gleam when he saw he wouldn’t win that battle. Now he is just digging holes.

Zordah, might be him and he might be trying to find another way.

Lol now he is also blocking the door, with a big hole under near that top layer.


Well, your edit isn’t all that great, I knew what his name was by looking at your editted picture, [the rest removed but am sure more people look through other topics…]


Rules don’t state that you’re not allowed to find out with research, I can’t help my previous non shaming topics.

Simply says no public shaming, however by you pointing out that I had his name in a topic previously really does allow people to know I did. I suggest you remove it.


Hahaha No it’s not me, I’m an Aussie and currently at work :wink:

My characters are Masakaa, Gathermas (owner of the Hermitage Shop), Huntmas, Digmas and recently Chefmas. All reside at Lasaina :slight_smile:

I am genuinely curious as to what else is easy to get but high prestige as gleam as there was a huge thread recently about how gleam prestige should be nerfed cause it was the easiest to get so people just spam gleam…

If you don’t believe me you can look at my twitch stream and they should list all my characters when I change to others


He saw the report, and is now trying to cover his tracks and make it look like he wasn’t up to anything. Removed his gleam, and made “stairs”. I assume until, devs look at the report. He will then go back at it.


Devs can see the history of blocks placed in the world. It’s not something they can edit out and hide after the fact. If he’s deliberately breaching the CoC, and you filed a report, he will be dealt with. Just give the devs time- there are dozens, maybe hundreds of reports filed daily.


Just a thought. Is the Code of Conduct made explicit to PS4 players in-game?