Benefits of light or heavy armor?


I just asked myself if Oort Online will have different types of armor which all have different aspects. Which types of armor would you prefer and which would be their benefits?

I just give it a first try :wink:

  • Light Armor (cloth, hides) - let you regen your energy and/or stamina faster then the others while giving only a smll amount of protection or +max life, but may be also a higher max energy stat.

  • Medium Armor (Studded leather, chain) - Medium protection and/or +max life, no special benefits

  • Heavy Armor (plates or stone) - High protection and/or +max life, but lower stamina regeneration

I specialy have chosen to give the light version a higher energy regeneration so that people who like playing “spellcasters” in other games can do something like that with energy using equip in Oort, so a light “caster” build has more power for that weapons or skills then the others (on the cost of protection)

So what would be your ideas?


All I know is that I just want to have all 3 types of armor, not just light or heavy. But yes, each should have its advantages, and they should be distinct and meaningful.

I could be down with this. I think having armor modify the stamina is a good way to implement a sort of mobility change while not making it totally unfair, like changing move speed or something.

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I really hope item sets are a thing.

However armor happens, if there’s a special way to modify or find a complete set (head, torso, lower + possibly accessory and/or weapon?), I’d be one very happy camper.

Different sets could grant different passive or active abilities / resistances / visual effects?

I’m a huge fan of the tried and true light/medium/heavy scheme as far as actual defense / main advantages & drawbacks, though!

May be sets are not found as finished items from bosses, but at recipies, but yeah, that’s something I like. Simple sets would be also a great benefit. For example if all your Armor you wear are cloth/leather/metal/stone armor, then you get a fixed bonus like +% Energy/Stamina/Health/Armor.