Best spot for clumsy gleambow racers


got any tips nice flat area with obvious holes ?


Bittula might not be a bad choice


I don’t think there are any unless they are the area that don’t have grass, and those are few and far between. meteorites seem to head toward rough terrain, or the players head in a directions they think the meteorites will land and it always seems to be rough.
Experienced players like playing Tarzan swinging on their grapples :slight_smile:


ow those that dont run they just always there waiting for you at the meteor lol


Merika is the best, easy to travel across and avoid hazards, actually the best place for event hunting i am surprised more ppl are not doing it there, everyone is going to t4 and up.


We were on Merika last night and it seemed overcrowded. We had trouble getting meteors to appear. Then after about an hour we had three drop on us back to back for some reason. We were bumping into others everywhere.


gona report soon we all waiting at embassy hub to go out grouphunting just waiting on the server maintenance :smile:
also had a trail off finished ones yesterday heard when i logged off the people who continued had a nice luck streak aswell figures lol


Hopefully the server maintenance will tweak spawn frequency and extend the time it takes for the gleambows to turn dormant.

Edit. Ignore me, have just seen the hotfix post and it’s even better than hoped !