Best way to get to Beta Cetus

Hello, what is the best way to go to Beta Cetus?

Flan is the closest warp (TNT network, go into the Serp gate then turn left for Flan, portal there on Serp), also, I’d be happy to run a taxi from the Exo Shuttle Guild Station later when I get home (5:30-6:00 pm EST)… I’m going to be raiding the other but just say the word if you want a taxi, happy to take anybody over here before I do that! :slight_smile:


As paka said, flan is the cheapest warp. I also changed the topic from support to general for you. Support is mostly for bugs/technical issues :grin:


Thank you, I’ll go by myself. Got some stuff to do at that time😔

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If you see me on anytime after that - I might be awake for a few hours after that and playing though I have been falling asleep early lately - just give a shout, happy to run anyone anywhere any time I’m on! :smiley:


Bookmark this post. I give every information for exoplanets.


Hey, do you know where the gleam spawns on Beta Cetus?

You have to find it or get a location token from someone who has found it. Also if you get coordinates to gleam you can track the location straight to it.

Porkchop usually has location tokens for everyone to grab
[Beta Cetus] --[Metal Tier 5 Exoworld]-- [Active]

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there is still some tokens up in the stands… newest exo will be up within the hr or two… need to get me some kindle while im here :stuck_out_tongue:

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