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Please put them in the minter to confrim. All 3, we need a good base for the test.



Yea the word they use is probably monedas. But I could be wrong as I’ve never used boundless in Spanish. I’d have to think to much :joy: 2nd language and all.


Yes, coin is moneda. 2 coin for seed

Couldn’t happen to a nicer person :smiley: Goodluck planting it. I’ll come check when I get a chance to log in

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The wild ornamental being in world was a resource gen bug…

Feel free to plant it, though it is not it’s final form… eg prestige will change, and it actually wont spawn wild at all when released.

Please ‘dont’ put the seeds in an atlas as it may break later without migration work that’ll waste dev (my) time



someone missed a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Whereabouts on Arie do you have it planted? I’m curious to see how and what it grows up into. And congrats on your lucky find :slight_smile:

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i had to leave some left over petrol behind, when I was there. I got surrounded by mobs and had to grab what I could and run.

Just what I thought was a pretty neat cavern…


Did it spawn just that one plant, then?

It looks like it because right after he got it, it went to 0% on the resource list.

We don’t know if some other person may have found a plant before him, though. It might be they just haven’t said it yet.


Ah, very true. I think it’s amazing that amongst alllllll the grass, someone found the one seed lol


I need the floating islands from this planet…this place is amazing. Keep those pictures coming!


More easter eggs please devs (even if they aren’t on purpose) :wink::wink::wink::blush::stuck_out_tongue:


A free plinth of blink is something people would absolutely just take all of in one go, I’m sure.

I only found a little over 100 myself before I ran out of forged hammers and potions… And energy irl. :sleepy:

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Yeah, I’m thinking of actually doing this for other in-demand atlas items - rift, umbris, resin, and petrolim - since I offer a piece free to anybody who messages me. It would be a lot easier if I just had a standard place for them rather than changing the location of the plinths each time (I often do it this way since I’m gone a lot of the day on weekdays, and just simpler than trying to meet up sometimes). But if I experiment with that, I’ll only put a few out at a time on them and see how it goes, and the plinths would still be out of the way, not among my shop plinths, I’d still need to tell people who needed them to find them. I’d love to be able to do that as long as someone didn’t go and ruin it for everyone.


Would be great for that sort of thing to simply be able to set up a “once-per-customer” plinth; could be either a new plinth (probably a bit too niche) or a new option for the existing shop stands…