Beta-X is it new, is it?!


New exo, visible from besevrona but to far, lvl 1 lush caustic.
37 BS from Besevrona.


Its new, t4 lush warp from till, or delta


Allready 34 People on it, i think i pass. Cannot compete with the bot.
Good luck anyone else.


Still worth jumping onto it, see what you can get. But I do think that bot should be broken, it ruins the discovery excitement of new exos :confused:


Nice, something to look forward to when I get home! :slight_smile: I’m not even bothering with the resin unless I stumble onto it by luck… plenty of other things with the exos to collect and enjoy, even on the lower tier ones there can be block colors I want and of course beautiful landscapes to take in and screenshot.

Edit: This planet name does sound like some sort of supplement you’d find in GNC… “Take Beta-X daily for a real boost of power!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Beta Alanine is a good one to take :sweat_smile: :muscle:


You will find gleam in Caves under earth close to mantle and up.
No Lava :slight_smile:
Most Caves i found are NOT under the Ocean biome.


Why not go completely the other way instead? Add notifications when an exo spawns so people in game are notified. Save the notifications so someone logging in after still sees “Betax has spawned somewhere in the universe!” or whatever, when they do log in. Possibly also add an opt-in email notification so people outside of the game can be notified also.

The “discovery excitement” seems way overblown to me, I would trade it in a second for reliable notifications.


Yeh thats a good idea, if the notification is going to be in the game, it’d be better to have a message when you log in that pops up saying “blah blah exo planet has spawned somewhere in the universe”. But I’d still rather not know till word of mouth spreads. Then if you’re lucky enough to see it spawn in, you can get on there before others can - special


Hot cherry gleam warm magenta rock (^-^)


Yeah, that Hot Cherry gleam alone makes it worth a good bit of farming time… :slight_smile: @catfud posted some pics in the other thread. I can definitely use a lot of that, and some of the rock for sure. Very pretty world too!


The bot will always keep working, if it can’t get the data from the servers it will rely on someone spotting a new exo, gets added to the bot and everyone will be notified. Tad slower perhaps, but people will still get a notification without having to keep scanning the skies…