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Has anyone found the glowshrooms yet? I haven’t seen a thing.

Also, I’ve noticed the Ancestor’s Blade is still on the planet, but I have no idea what it looks like in the wild, so I have no idea what to look for. Can’t find it in the codex yet, either, so that’s not a lead.


The Dead tree forest with ice floor is quite creepy at night time :scream:


It’s creepy during daytime too.

However the creepiest is probably this third shot;

Twilight falls.


Anyone else having extreme issues with rubberbanding all over the place without any player inputs, while on this planet?


Yes and it would not stop. I nearly drown just logging into there after dinner. I finally managed to get back to sanctum and port home. Sucks with spending coin to go there and it doing that.


The surface plants and rocks are awesome. I’m collecting aa many as I can to give to everyone


Did you find any of the glow shrooms, or do they not exist on this planet? :pensive:


I mapped the whole planet earlier and I didn’t see a single of one of them.


There are no glow caps on this exo, unfortunately


Anyone got good coords for the gleam?


715N 729E alt25 big cave of gleam!




I set up a shop stand next to the door of Coin Converters at Nova Golda Market, location tokens of gleam cave for the fabulous price of 0c!


Haha, beat me to it, was just in there and coming to post… :smiley:

I’ll add another scenery shot too, cause why not. :wink:

Edit: Also, there is a ton of room for people to work this cave. I just found the most incredible gleam waterfall down deep in it, but I’m going to go put that in the main screenshot thread. :slight_smile: Edit again: There are even prettier ones than the one I first saw, added them to the other thread. Really worth exploring this cave system!


Grabbed another waterfall shot when I went back for some more gleam… I love this cave system so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Pink rocks, loads and loads of beautiful gleam, waterfalls!