Bevel'd Lattice + Wildstocks = Weird behavior?

So, I just built a nice portal for friends with bevel’d lattice, and some wildstocks walked into it, with some extremely strange behavior.

Is this something that needs to be fixed in the AI?

Video to showcase the strange behavior:


I get behavior like that on my snack-size dodge bomb arena whenever i fight wildstokes for fun. It uses glass panes. Only they do a 360 every now and then when i try. Yours is constant wildstock 360 on the lattice.

edit: The wildstocks love that video. it’s a wildstock party!


The strange thing is the upper wildstock. We saw it go miles into the air, and suddenly it was up top there. It’s not even supposed to reach that high with it’s own jump.

What if you rode that wildstoke into the air. Anyways, none of my wildstocks do that (if they did i’d be in super huge trouble after dying to some stout wildstock jumping. Seems like lattice gives wildstocks suprpowers

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Yeah sometimes happen to me too :laughing:


This isn’t a bug, its a feature! You’ve unlocked the test version of taming! :joy:


Another fun trick
If you grapple a wildstock and run through a portal while it’s trying to head butt you, the wildstock can get frozen in that animation and glitch out

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It could be one of those physics issues.

Prior to that, were they just moving around?

I shot him, he started to charge me but when he got to the level of the chiselled brick he started to do that, you can see his life bar reduced to 0.

I believe they got shot. But they kept being stuck even after aggro disappeared.

I think the biggest issue here is why bevel’d instead of just using bevelled. Surely it wasn’t worth the wrath of the gramar/language police for 1 character :rofl::rofl::rofl::heart_eyes:

  1. English might not be their first language
  2. Be nice
  3. You’re bad at math @ghandymarshall :wink:

Yeah… English is not my first language…

  1. considered that, would have thought beveled would have happened for those instances, or something else. This seemed like a time saving attempt.
  2. for me this was nice.
  3. Bevelled 8 chars. Bevel’d 7 chars. 1 different . P.s. its Maths.

In america we call it math
Saves one character


No worries not mine too as you can see :joy: :rofl: :laughing:

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Its an English made game, so its maths. :rofl::rofl:. You Americans and your new fangled words.

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@Collussus @SenshiroSan I tried recreating both video examples by creating similar setups, but nothing happens. How often do you see this occurring?

In my case first time

Pretty much every time you aggro them and you lure them into them. After a bit of moving around they get stuck.