Beware the Oortian

Beware the Oortian for they are Boundless. Do not be fooled by their appearance for although they have no sharp teeth or talons they are to be feared above all creatures. Their lust for creation leaves a wake of destruction and waste that the universes regeneration ultimately cannot withstand. They will gladly plunder to the very core of the world and build to reach the heavens above in search of ever more power. Machines drive them to scour the planets so they can ravage nature’s treasures and slaughter all other living things. They have an insatiable hunger that can never be satisfied regardless of the waste and even though they can jump planets in the blink of an eye an Oortian will kill a creature just for an eye. Their portals are powered by Shards fallen from the stars but their machines consume fossil fuels clawed from the rock beneath their feet. Instead of working with nature to live in harmony and harness the magma beneath their cities they chose to fight with nature.
A thousand years ago they brought many of the planets they called home to the brink of destruction. Polluting the atmospheres with the waste from their machines, turning the air toxic, the rain to acid and the once lush landscape to a barren wasteland. Paradise lost beneath a blanket of neon monstrosities and a sprawling spiderweb of roads. Eventually nature said no more and declared war. Creatures began attacking Oortians on sight and meteorites rained down from the heavens. The Oortians realised that they could never fully control nature and their days where numbered so they started work on their ultimate machines, the Sanctum. It took them over a century to complete and by the time they were finished they contained the DNA and molecular blueprint of every Oortian that had ever lived and should they die every atom would be drawn to the Sanctum and reconstructed so they could live again and again. Their numbers steadily dwindled from the constant onslaught until eventually nature had won … but even though virtually every Oortian had been practically obliterated by meteorites or torn to shreds by the wildlife their atoms still felt the pull of Sanctum. Hidden deep in space out of nature’s reach they quietly beckoned to each and every Oortian particle, slowly drawing them in.
Years passed, decades, a thousand years before finally Oortians where beginning to be reassembled in Sanctum. One by one they materialised into existence bereft of any memory, reborn to start again.


I’m excited about this.


Thank you, just something I’ve been thinking about over the past few weeks … I’ll probably add some more at a later date.


What sort of Heresy is this, we all know that the Oort are benevolent, they brought peace and science to every world they travelled to, bringing their technology with them, for the Illuminoorti teach that the Oort were saviours, blessing future Races with their technology so we may continue there legacy.

For this Heresy against the Cult Illuminoorti you will have to be sentenced to EXTERMINATUS.
This post will be branded as Heresy and Banned on all Illuminoorti Worlds.
Your means of execution will be Burnt at the Stake.
Time of Execution will be Scheduled at 12 Pm on the Crown World of the Illuminoorti.


P.S. loved the story hope you do more, lol.


Can I have my stake medium rather than burnt … ooh and extra fries on the side please :yum:


That will be 9.99 coins, also would you like a side of Retribution.

YES PLEASE :grin: … umm do you take american express?

Only Oortian card please.

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Aah we could have a problem here Houston … mine got melted in the last meteorite strike :face_with_head_bandage:

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You got your extra card in a safe deposit in a cave on MunteenVII, You just have to go get it.

How did you know about that? :thinking: Here hold my chips, I’ll be right back :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

It is the Oort card company official safe deposit.

Oh yes of course THAT one, silly me :innocent:

The end of the world is nigh
Once again the Oortians have angered nature, not learning from the past they have instead chose to rip apart planets and wildlife with explosives and build even more machines. Soon they are to be wiped from existence for nature to try again but this time will be different.
Sanctum has worked, it has been refined and upgraded. Instead of taking thousands of years to gather all the Oortian molecules to reassemble them it will now be a matter of months… and the Oortians will be back in even greater numbers … ready to spread throughout the universe like a virus … many will retain their memories from this time to start again even quicker, passing on their knowledge to newcomers to grow as rapidly as possible, to consume and build.
But they won’t have it all their own way …nature has a little surprise in store. For while they have been ravaging their known universe nature has been preparing for them.


ROFL ^^ I can’t haha