Bidding is officially closed


Looked to sell off a smart stack of titanium bars as I can’t find request basket for them with coin in it. Idk what they are worth so will be taking best offer.
Will be on tomorrow morning @ 6:30 - 10:00 maybe later if I’m not too tired. (For reference it is 7:30 my time atm) believe I am U.S central time
Auction ends when I get online tomorrow morning highest bid wins.
Selling off the entire stack only will not be splitting the stack.
I am @ work so will update current bid whenever able
Coin offers only (sorry forgot that one xD)


1c each, i got ya :wink:


Tbh if I don’t get a better offer I will have to sell to ya cause it will be best offer :joy:


2c … 10 chars


And where off :grin:


Ill buy em 2c a piece


and I am also usually online in the morning (eastern time here). Im based on Biitula in the settlement of Axon


I’ll up the bid to 5c per bar.


20c over here.


Good to see people were actually interested in the auction idea :grin:


30c per
:blush: :blush::blush::blush:


40c ea is my bid


!00 Tallow for each bar! :slight_smile:


Sorry coin offers only please not looking to trade need some coin in me pockets.


One hour left to get in a bid before I take highest bid… :grin:
Get in those last minute bids now :+1::+1::+1:


Where would you like to meet?


Bidding is officially closed :grin:
Congratulations to fireangeldth
Can meet at ghosts hub that’s probably easiest (the ps one)
Thanks you all for participating and hope to see you around in game.
Hoping to get an in game auction going bi weekly so keep an eye open for a heads up when they will start :grin:


Gyosha hub?


Lol phone autocorrected yeah gyosha