Big thanks for a great update

I just want to thank you devs for the great work you have unleashed today into Oort Online. On every new look at the textures I see something new fantastic happening there (like the play of shadows on stone for example). Also, I didn’t heard about any bugs til now, so everything seems to run smoothly. You did well today and filled our hearts with new fire for this project.

So “Thank you” for all of this you made for us. May the Oortians be with you :heart:


Sorry sorry - we meant to shout APRIL FOOLS - but accidentally released it instead.

Do’h it’s too late… guess we’ll need to leave the update live.


After the initial blow(Folva completely changed colour scheme) and a bit of a bug on the logs it is now a wonderful improvement and creates again new challenges!
Also I need sun glasses you sure you are Brits?

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Feel free to accidentally release more updates in the future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hear hear! :wine_glass: