Biome Resources List

After browsing to forums for quite some time and doing a lot of research and reading. I don’t see a great list of biomes and the resources found in them. I did find one list but it was pretty lacking. It is here:

It would be nice if we could get a better list of planets tiers, biomes and the resources found there.

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Assuming you are talking about the plants in each biomes, the thing is that certain resources are linked with planet type and planet tier. So it’s not just about the biomes

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Of course I should have detailed that out a bit more. I’ll update the post.

A lot of biome info can be learned from this thread here:


@Rydralain Yea I have gone through that one a few times now. Good info!

Hmm, are you hoping/wanting to end up with a more complete compiled list? Like what I made, but by tier/biome and actually complete?

That was the idea. I have already started making notes on resources from the first planet I made and I am working on creating the 2nd one now. I have a pretty good idea for some of the biomes. I think there is enough info to say something like:

T6 - Snowy Redwoods - Stardrop, Glowcaps, Trumpets

Or something similar. Maybe a spreadsheet or something.

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Add the phanet type too, blast, metal etc