BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


Flat earth with no tree’s on top, and tree’s that hold up the earth down below!
With light leaking into the bottom like the picture down below.


Do you think solid rock is cool or would you like to see some other blocks used? Perhaps a forest or desert on top?


Something like Utapau City, but instead of the city, lots of trees and plants:

And of course, underground forests!!!


Well, I am always all for variation! I think it would be nice to have some sort of surface at the top as opposed to it being solid rock, forests would be pretty cool, but equally so would a desert…
So, my annoyingly unhelpful answer is… yes, something on top would be cool :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe we can randomise it! :wink:


sounds good!


maybe already mentioned? (i have no patients tor ead entire comments)

but… as we are hearing about dungeons and etc recently… maybe a specific biome set to have these dungeons (have one world/biome on said world 100% non breakable by us - and have the purpose of killing creatures/exploring ruins for lost treassure/lore etc)

Which would be a cool place for major (current) cities of Therka and etc once the wipe comes :wink:

wait… are you saying there is room in the code to generate a planet whith a mixed biome 100% underground? what about the specs needed to visit a planet like that? (i know some games have massive issues on most pc’s trying to think about what to do with a lot of empty space :wink: … the lag must be immense?) @Tobelawe


Dungeons havn’t really been designed yet we just know we want to do them at some point. We will probably make custom biomes for them. They will probably exist on tiny world. At the moment we do not have “cave” worlds but it is something we could do. Frame rate may be an issue for lower end PCs due to the large amount of block you can see on the screen at one time. Some of our current biomes may run into this issue too, for example the sphere biome shown above.


Maybe some kind of coral reef?
It can get special resources, like pearls. (or well known orbs, gathered from shells that live on the reef)


It has been something I’ve been slowly hacking away at :stuck_out_tongue:


Forgive my clumsy inspo images.


Quake Lands!


I like how you have managed to a create chambers and connecting passages :+1:


There are already a few coral reefy things, like clams with gleam inside. There is also a specific coral block, which I guess will be used at some point :grin:


On what planet are they? I havent visited all the planets yet. Would like to see it)


Sorry, I mean custom biomes in the worldbuilder :stuck_out_tongue: but biomes made by the developers, so official


Oh, I see…


Wow, a geologically active new planet?
Good ideas.
But in reality, this kind of planet is often not rich fixed resources, because most of resources components are still in magma.


Just a thought but for the wild and wacky thinking, how about a hollow earth concept where the landscape is in a constant day time lit by the core of the planet and gravity is reversed forcing the player to work upside down as you are walking on the other side of the planets crust to normal. and if you mine too deep instead of mantle and lava to kill you there is a void where you would float off into space and die :smile:


Salt pan?
We need have some salt.




What about an above water, underwater themed biome?
like where you take objects from the ocean and put them on the land?
It could have white/multicolor coral structures/trees all around, with seaweed looking foliage.
There could even be kelp forests on the land.

(images are not mine, just using for example)