Black foliage

someone still got some black foliage from an exo for sale?

how much do you need? I might have some around.

I probably have a bunch of black Foliage as well. How much are you looking for?

not much a few hundred should suffice

I know I have that much. I will let you know when I’m home and online unless @Soju-VB gets it first for ya.

I may have some too. Update: just checked. I have 16 - I guess from Gleambow?

i have a few hundred you can have for free… from color changing Exo

standing in your shop now, if you are around.

sorry was distracted on the new exo

np, i logged out… let me know when you are around.

i am in painters now

ok, logging in

thanks a ton , topic can be closed

Closed at the request of the OP.