Black Friday

Basically just looking for some recommendations on what type of games I should look out for as i have 100 pound to spend on games alone and a extra 130 to spend on accessory (keyboard, mouse, headphones etc)

PC user here not Console


I don’t know what kind of games you like, but some games a re really cheap atm.
There is a new episode of Shadowrun. As far as I know it has not the most complex tactical gameplay, but its storytelling is said to be good.

Borderlands 2
Rocket league
The forest (extremely funny with friends)
The binding of isaac


literally not going to lie but i have everything on that list xD

Action/Adventure Open world games, but i want to get into more multiplayer games/team tactics

Mh - if you don’t already own it - then maybe Trochlight2 which has a great comic-graphical style and it’s cheap. Has multiplayer and is super casual in its gameplay. Has a hilarious amount of items.
Transistor is also very, very interesting. Sublime storytelling (Bastion had been cool already) and an experimental gameplay. I’m sorry I can’t give you real good secret tips to games. I know some good games, but not too informed about the game masses any more.

Don’t starve
Mount and blade warband
Borderlands 2
Portal is a must play too whatever genres you play normaly
Natural selection 2

As for accessories, has good deals on Razer gaming gear.

Im gonna second the Don’t starve suggestion. I :heart: that game.

Response Edit: @Predatoxic I was too until I found out ios has to wait :frowning:

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So excited for Shipwrecked ^^

Fallout 4
Star Wars Battlefront
Don’t Starve / Don’t Starve Together

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your talking to a guy with 170+ hours on fallout 4 here


If you like roguelikes, get the Binding of Isaac (and expansions)

I was literally going to recommend all of those but you did it first

Ok here’s a couple games that haven’t been put up yet:
FEZ- fun and tricky platformer/puzzler
Dustforce- Excellent platformer with a lot of style and a great soundtrack
Hotline Miami 1/2- Brutal Challenging top down shooter fun.
The Stanley Parable- Stupid game that makes you think a little bit. Fun to explore.
Super Time Force Ultra- Very fun game with crazy time travel mechanics.
Undertale- Interesting old-style rpg with a lot of character.
CS:GO- Some of the best (and worst) multiplayer experiences out there. Strategy / shooter
Bioshock infinite / Any Bioshock - I’m guessing you’ve played them, but if you haven’t, give it a gander!

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This game literally had me screaming at my screen it can get so frustratingly hard.

Yeah but when you do get it perfect its like the best feeling evarrrrrrr

Get it perfect the gold doors are hell i have a hard enough time just not dying.

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You should definitely get the Mass Effect trilogy if you don´t own it yet.
The Crysis trilogy is also quite good.
And, of course, Bioshock.

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garrys mod is a mst have or space engineers