Black Glass Cubes

I rolled a world last week and it has these large areas with black glass cubes that have gleam in the center of them. I haven’t seen anything like them in game before and I have no idea which biomes I chose. Does anyone know which biome made these things?

Screenshot 2020-10-10 114115

Semi common biome on Exos


Ah okay…i assumed they would all be over lava when i picked that but i guess i got lucky because mine are all on mud.

The picture is mud =) just kinda too small to tell. They are always on mud from my experience.

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They also spawn the best silver hotspots


That’s good to know :smile: that picture really looks like lava but it’s also pretty tiny

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Just looked through all the biome pics. None of them feature lava, so if it looks like lava in the pic, its probably mud. With that being said, if you pick a world type with surface lava, then biomes with water in the pic should become lava instead of water.


Yeah this world is absolutely terrible to traverse thanks to the very large portions of the map covered in lava.

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yeah, if you pick a world with lava / lava (like Metal) then any place that would normally be water, will be lava as far as I know.

I have a couple of these cubes in water and on my ice biome where the two biomes melded. I think we had exo with some of the cubes in water also. They don’t stray too far from land usually have refined gleam in them too. :hugs::hugs:

Yeah, sometime biomes merge so you get unusual combos. I have a planet that has sponge merged with the giant tree tops so tons of sponge… have another that glacier merged with the “castles” biome which is normally pure rock but on mine it converted the formations to glacier instead.

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If you want to see what the biome is like, I have it in Crematoria access from alpha centauri in the black crystal farm portal

in the picture it is 100% mud