Black Marble?

Since I have been back, I havent seen many marble shops. Is there any w/ a nice stock of black?

Probably best waiting until after the update, marble is going to become considerably cheaper to make as it won’t require SEBA anymore


That update could be a month away. I cant let my base sit that long.

You’re looking at around 60-80c per block at the moment, if money is no issue then yeah im sure after the new exo there will be black marble about, sorry not to be more helpful with a location lol!

I hope its not a month away :joy:. You would come out a lot cheaper just waiting tho imo. The only two marble shops i know of are in nova golda and kindred bay. I hear @Greenheart is a marble maker so you would have to ask them.


Ill check those spots out, I done the knowledge thing on a few US servers and bought all people had lol.

I make marble myself but base/factory is in transition to new location and I dont have everything up yet.

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Sydney has some most days.

Isn’t Black Marble pretty easy to come by, since there’s main planets that have Black Metamorphic Rock?

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everywhere is just sold out. Most are waiting for update to make marble again.

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Understandable, honestly.

how many do you need - I might have a few hundred I could part with

I am gonna need a few thousand++. I can make some. I have set up a few machines.

Honestly if you can get me a decent stack of fossil I could make a bunch of marble

Well, if you are interested in getting those few hundred, let me know. I don’t remember how many I have exactly. I can be online in one hour time.

Curious what magnificent build you are about to complete with the few thousand blocks of blackness.

There’s a spot in Naughty mall that sells black marble but me think it’s 75c each best is to ask @Greenheart she da best

I can make you 5 stacks in a few hours. 60c let me know if you want them started.

Here’s me thinking it’s rare :laughing:


deal. start them

270k coin?

All black

Yeah no problem.

The reason for the amount is it’s all the black i have refined atm.

All good, That will be enough for my work place to be up enough I can start making more