Black Refined Meta, anyone? Maybe marble makers?

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I have 2,892 Black Refined Metamorphic Rock for sale if anyone needs??? It’s been in my shop for a minute and now I just want the space for something else lol. Can deliver to you if needed, I’m on rn

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Where is your shop?

On Maryx. B-Team Goods. I can meet you tho, I have the rock in my inv now

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I could bring the meta to you, or if you’d like you could put out a request basket. My Discord is ChaosNeutral_ # 6161
Just lmk if you need

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How much for the rock?

And if you throw it in a stand i will come find it, not online at the moment

I really don’t know what to sell it for, is 5c per alright?

Its probably worth more like 1-2c have a look at BUTT

Lowest I can go is 2 then, gotta make something off it lul.

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i buy it for 1c usually, but i can go two

i am at your shop

Omg so sorry, otw