Blingz’n’Thingz Hub Area


Hey people! Hope you’re having a beautiful day :blush: We have portals available in the Blingz’n’Thingz hub on Lamblis if anyone is wanting one. Thanks :v:t3:


Plenty of portals still left for anyone that’s wanting.

Direct links to all of the major hubs, malls and much more

Direct link to T6 Gem Mines (farms to come soon)



How exactly to get to the hub. Where on Lamblis?

What connections does it have? Is it connected to PS, Ultima, Hubbet ect…?


We have direct links to;
PS Hub Lamblis (second floor)
Ultima Mall Finata (ground floor)
Fortune (Lamblis)
Jade shop (Lamblis)
Meteor Meet
Gyosha Mall (right by the 7 day portals)

That’s just a few of the ways you can get here :blush:


Why do not you open some portals to make it worthwhile for others? TnT - Ultima Eresho - River Towns - Legendville - and many more! If important locations are available, the other portals will come by themselves! There are so many hubs in Boundless - you should invest a bit!


Did you not read the post above? We have portals to all major hubs;
Dk Ultima Mall
DSK Galaxy (Finata)
PS Hub (Lamblis)
Gyosha Mall
Meteor Meet
Jaceys Mall
TNT Mega hub
The Hunt Hive

And we currently fund all those, between 3 of us. Who have only been playing the game for 3 weeks.
Not to mention a full T6 mining network we fund to 5 different planets


We also have 3 very cheap shops of our own here… and portals to some amazing shops too;

Jade shop
The kingdom.

Maybe drop by and take a look :blush::man_shrugging:t3:


Well, honestly, I’ve really skipped the post about me! So it sounds more comfortable for other portal users!


All good. Get yourself over here and take a look :sweat_smile:


i see the problem you forgot aquatopian embassy rookie mistake :joy: def swinging by to have a look soons


How do I get to your place?

I mean you could always add a portal to our hub! We are getting a lot of foot traffic :sweat_smile:


But yeah we have only been playing for 3 weeks, there’s sooooo many places :grimacing:


Have you been to iLLumiNaughty? :nerd_face:


I have been there. It was a crazy coincidence, my PsN name is illuminawtyness, it has been for 6 years. And the first ever place I ended up when I first started the game was that place. I lost my mind :joy:


Some Big Updates Made to My place, shop and Lottery in the Hub.

But the shop and lottery are now back open!

We still have just a few portal spaces left for anyone wanting to join the hub too!


:heart_eyes: I need to see this with my oortian eyes :rofl:

Ps I just dc’ed I didn’t ghost on you :laughing:


Ahh! It has a roof now! Excellent!


Yeah, and I changed the whole front. It’s been a military operation :joy::grimacing:

Also, are you around to fix a portal for me?


Thats rediculous for just 5 weeks. Youre a machine!


With current game mechanics. Im not so surpriced.