Block Adjustment Tool

OK here it is :smiley:
It would be GREAT if we had a tool like a wrench or a crowbar or something like that to adjust blocks once they are already placed.
Such a tool could be used for

  • rotating a block that is facing the wrong direction
  • flipping blocks upside down or vise-versa
  • shifting slabs and/or trap doors from the bottom half of a block to the top or vise-versa
  • Perhaps even adjusting how (or even IF) connecting textures connect
  • Adjust whether blocks blur at their edges or not

Sounds good and will help to build complex stuff quite well. I know something like this from other games too and it was good to have it :wink:

Especially the bluring changer would be really cool cuz sometimes I want my wood to fade with sand and sometimes not :wink:


I was just going through and fixing my flooring thinking this same thing… wood planks, I’m looking at you…

I think there’s a possibility we might end up doing something like this at some point.


This kind of feature could come in really handy depending on how much aesthetic variation we get in a single block.

we already have blocks with over 20 variations if you include the 4 orientations of the 5 different slopes
and that will grow once we have the promised upside down versions