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Very good points here, Tahru, but in regards to greifers think if it was used as a tool and not just prompt the mighty ban hammer it would help figure out Who the troll was. As for the pvp could they make it only visible to Oortstaff.

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Destroy them? I have seen 36 block high walls with ■■■■■ written in them. THOUSANDS of blocks littered throughtout someones build. So… what? lol

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That is an exceptionally creative griefer. :slight_smile:

They use autoclickers.

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Justr check dis its a minecraft plugin against griefers and i think they’ve got everything covered.

Right now server usage is generally low. Given that the time frame of the griefing is reasonably well-known, the server logs should show who was on the world at the time. That will narrow the suspects down mightily.

What bothers me more than anything is that someone paid to get in–apparently just so they could vandalize other people’s work. I find that a little bit scary.

If players activity is logged, like on what servers he has been and on what time it shouldn’t be that difficult to put moderators on it to go and look at the logs for possible griefers.
Besides the beacons you need people who moderate the game anyway.

Ah! Griefers! I may be able to have some valuable input on the matter! In my MC hosting days, I used a plugin similar to coreprotect2 linked by @fabulaus. However, I think that in a situation like Oort, it would be much simpler to block many of the modifications and “hacks” that griefers used to do massive damage all together. I know that currently griefers on Oort don’t have any of the tools they use in MC, but that may chance once the game becomes more main stream. On my server, it was something of a mini arms race between my moderators and griefers looking to do wide spread damage. Our solution to maintaining a vastly grief free server were based on prevention, rather than reaction.

Beacons are a great start. We would have players start in a large spawn town protected by a plugin we called RES. This residence protection plugin usually drove off most griefers when they realized that they could not get to all the juicy good builds.

Secondly, we had a plugin that would detect modified clients using popular grief tools such as autoclickers, movement speed hacks, fly hacks, and x-ray hacks that griefers used to get around and do maximum damage. Players caught using these were rooted in place and unable to move.

Also, we had a method that detected when a player broke more than 2 blocks placed by other players within a radius of a few dozen blocks. If they did this, they would no longer be able to break blocks. This only rarely triggered on legit players, and sometimes kept players from undoing block placed grief, but that would be reported to a mod and cleared anyways.

These things paired with the planned beacons and regenerating terrain, and I see no reason why there would be any need to record who placed a block.

TL:DR, why record who griefed when you can prevent grief and automatically restore damage?


cause hacks are most likely not going to be a part of the game.

Hacks are a part of EVERY game. It’s how you go about preventing and detecting hacks that matter.
Oort will eventually have mod support, and it will also eventually be hacked as well.

Mods can make abusing items and yes you cannot get around bots.

but it would be like hacking wow. most of the data is serverside so they cannot hack the data itself.

but yeah, might happen, i just cannot imagine it being possible with the setup of oort on online servers. the modded servers are going to be the biggest problem.

MC has a lot of anti-griefng tools. Most of them require GM-like powers that scale the world to do anything though. If I was building a game like this, it would be important that anti-greifing measures are self-service and not OP. This is why most MC tools may be inappropriate.

Mc tools here are just a guideline for that has worked in thhe past, rather than ideal.



I use an autoclicker to make building large tall things less tedious. I hope autoclickers don’t get banned.

i do. they are the reason its so easy to grief :smile:

So far I have found only one autoclicker that works. Good luck finding it too :stuck_out_tongue:

thats cause oort absorbs most key commands, which is kinda interesting, i can switch songs in spotify on my keyboard but it doesnt work when i have oort selected cause it stops it.

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Try using snip… Its really not its intended use, but it works extremely well for still changing songs in spotify while playing…
ctrl+alt+] next song
ctrl+alt+[ prev song
ctrl+alt+enter pause/play